Upgrading from Unity to ALC SDK v2

Update library files for V1 → V2 conversion

Delete the library files used in V1.

Assets > Plugins > Android

  • sdk-alc-v1.0.0.aar

  • alc-android-library-v1.0.0.aar

Assets > StreamingAssets

  • global-appstores.json

Add the necessary libraries to use V2.

Assets > Plugins > Android

  • sdk-alc-v2.0.0.aar

  • sdk-auth-v1.0.2.aar

  • sdk-base-v1.0.3.aar

  • sdk-configuration-v1.0.0.aar

  • alc_adapter-v1.1.0.aar

In Unity, go to Project Settings > Publishing Settings and add the Custom Build environment

In order to login, update and install modules, the following must be added.

Items that must be added

  • Custom Main Manifest

  • Custom Main Gradle Template

  • Custom Launcher Gradle Template

Add <queries> in AndroidManifest.xml

Please refer to the ONE store notices for setting up the following two cases:

Assets > Plugins > Android > AndroidManifest.xml

The queries must be added as follows.

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