Getting Started

  • Set up ONE store Developer Center Account

    • Individuals and corporations from either Korea or overseas can all be free sellers.

    • Right now, it’s free to register at the ONE store Developer Center.

  • ONE store Developer Standards and Guides

    • Because the SDK is very similar to other Android markets, building a ONE store app is very easy.

    • ONE store provides a library to manage app licenses (ALC), making it safe.

  • Product Registration and Verifying Your Status

    • You can register any app and/or game that runs on Android OS.

    • It only takes 4 simple steps; inputting sales information, price information, in-app information, and uploading the APK.

  • Ads and Marketing

    • Performance marketing is possible in various media through ONE store's advertising network.

    • ONE store landing ads are twice as efficient as other markets.

    • Cost sharing can also be achieved by sharing advertising costs with ONE store.

  • Billing Reports and Payment Settlements

    • You can check the status of your paid product sales,

    • and check the details of the monthly settlement amount.

  • Manage Customer Satisfaction (CS)

    • ONE store's customers can communicate with developers through product ratings, comments, and e-mails.

    • You can manage customer satisfaction, including responses, refunds, etc. at the ONE store Developer Center.

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