How can I register apps?

  • You need to sing up to ONE store Developer Center to register apps that you want to publish and sell on ONE store. For more details, please refer to ONE store Developer Center > Apps

I want to edit or update published apps.

  • You can simply edit published apps by clicking 'add' or 'edit' binary button at the app details page.

  • For more details, please see"Manage your Apps"

  • Your meta-data, for example the App icon, will be overwrited on time. However, updating APK files or changing app Ratings need to review process again.

  • You can find how to update the binarys at ONE store Developer Center > Apps

Where can I check daily/monthly downloads of the app?

  • You can check downloads and sales per app at Apps > Payment >Sales Report

  • For more details, please refer to Apps>Payment

eYou can view only Unit(s) Sold: App+In-App at Sales. However when you download sales reports, you can check more detailed sales per app.

“Please be sure that the successive version should have a higher version code.” pops up, and I fail to upload a new binary.

  • When you update the app on Android OS, you must set a higher version code within the AndroidManifest.xml.

When I upload an Android binary file (.apk), “The same package name is already in use. Please use a different package name.” pops up and error occurs.

  • Error occurs when a 'package name' of the binary you want to upload is already used for other apps. In this case, please change the package name of the existing binary or a new one, and upload the file again.

  • But package names in the same app are not screened for duplication.

How can I change supported devices?

  • You can change supported devices at supported devices>list of supported devices from binary information.

  • Note: supported devices that you changed are going to apply after review.

  • If you want to change devices supported by the published app, please refer to Modify your Provisionings

When binary registrations fail, the message "APKs without supported devices cannot be registered" is displayed.

  • This occurs when binaries that support all devices are already registered.

  • As a device can only be used once when registering two or more binaries, please try again after removing one or more of the supported devices for the existing binaries.

Can I delete the app I registered?

  • You can delete the app which has never been reviewed by us. But once the app is reviewed, you cannot delete the app.

  • Please be sure that “Delete” button appears next to the title of the app which can be deleted.

  • You can delete a binary in the app at any time by selecting 'Delete Binary' at Binary.

Can I register applications sold in other markets?

  • In the case of platforms supported by ONE store, apps sold in other markets can also be registered and sold.

  • However, as with other products, application reviews must be conducted, so please refer to the review guidelines

How can I register the app when the app supports multi-resolutions?

  • Android OS supports various screen sizes and resolutions.

  • When you support all resolutions with one binary, you can select all supported resolutions and devices while uploading binary.

  • When binary varies depending on resolution, please upload a binary per resolution. Please select the resolution and device supported by the binary while uploading the binary.

  • You can support resolution as mentioned above, however we recommend you to support all resolutions with one binary so that you can easily manage your apps.

As for setting a binary for multi-resolutions, please refer to the notes below.

  • Set LCD Size/OS Version/Excluded at Binary > Supported Device

  • Add a binary and upload a new binary.

  • Select the LCD Size/OS Version of the added binary

  • Set other details and save.

  • Request a review and update.

But please be sure that even if you upload multiple binaries, they cannot support the same device.

What is your price policy?

  • Our maximum price limits are as below.

    • There is a price limit per app. You can set the price per app (paid app) up to KRW100,000. (e-book, Videos and Music contents are not included )

    • You can set the price per in-app up to KRW 450,000

    • For more details, please refer to Apps:price

Is there any different registration process that I need to follow when I register both paid and free apps?

  • There is no procedural difference in registering both paid and free apps, however you are required to register your information for payment when you register paid apps or in-apps to receive payment of sales.

  • For more details on what documentation is required and on the process to register your information for payment, please refer to Bank Info

How can I integrate advertising into apps?

  • According to Review Guideline, you are not allowed to insert in-house adverting apps, which induce ONE store customers to other marketplaces.

  • But there is an exception in case you cannot control landing page of the ad when the ad is based on the external advertising SDK.

How can I set the category of apps that I want to publish on ONE store?

  • You can set the category of apps while registering them. There is no restriction in selecting categories of apps. But when the apps is placed into the Game category, you have to 'ratings'. Therefore you cannot move the app to other categories if it is classified into the Game category.

I changed an image on the app details page; however the image is still exposed on ONE store.

  • When you change an image on the app details page, the change is reflected real time on ONE store.

  • If the previous image is displayed even after you changed the image to a new one, please reset the cache.

    • Internet Browser: Refresh the page or Delete the cache.

    • ONE store Client : Application Program > ONE store > Delete Cache

I would like to transfer an existing application to another company because the publishing contract has changed.

  • If applications need to be transferred due to business purposes, such as contract changes, please email the documents listed below to the ONE store Developer Center or contact us via an inquiry, and we will assist you with the transfer process after reviewing your request.

  • Path for inquiries: Log into the ONE store Developer Center > Inquiry > Support > Member category (after making an inquiry, you can attach a file by leaving a comment on the inquiry)

  • Summary of required documents (total of 8)

    • 1 copy of the contract related to the transfer

    • 1 copy of the pre-transfer company's business registration certificate

    • 1 copy of the pre-transfer company's corporate (individual) certificate of seal impression

    • 1 copy of the post-transfer company's business registration certificate

    • 1 copy of the post-transfer company's corporate (individual) certificate of seal impression

    • Confirmation of the product transfer (sealed by both companies)

    • In the event an application that includes the collection and/or use of location information is being transferred, certificate of completion of report for location-based service businesses

    • Application transfer form

  • If ALC is used and In-Apps exist, check Y. If ALC is not used and In-Apps do not exist, check N.

  • There may be difficulties in processing the settlement if any information is incorrect, so please make sure they are entered correctly.

  • Please note that latency during in-app purchases, etc., while conducting a product transfer.

  • If you are an individual member (excluding individual business owners), the business registration certificate can be submitted as the resident registration card, and if you are an individual business owner, you can replace it with the individual certgificate of seal impression.

Apps registered in ONE store are not displayed on Naver search.

  • Results on Naver's integrated search are provided based on ranking algorithms, such as user needs and popularity.

  • In the case of app/game search results, modeling results are taken into consideration. This includes factors such as popularity and the number of downloads, and search results may differ from time to time in accordance with user needs. In some circumstances, the registered app may not be displayed, or may be displayed in bottom rankings due to low usage.

What's New at Developer Center

Where can I find 'Unpublish' button?

  • You can change the app status at My Applications.

The 'Request for review' button is not activated.

  • If you have registered a new app, the 'request for review' button will be activated after the required sales information and binary registration are completed.

  • If an in-app product is included, please conduct a self test of the in-app product.

How many screenshot images of the application can I register?

  • Upload Screenshots

    • Basically, you are required to upload up to two screenshots. Up to 8 screenshots can be registered.

  • Edit Screenshots

    • When you delete No. 2,3,5 and 8 screenshots at your discretion, the image areas are reset as default

    • When you [save] the status after deleting the screenshots mentioned above, the image areas of the deleted screenshots are removed, and the remaining images are displayed in a row (as seen below)

When I preview images, a horizontal image looks smaller than the image area. I want to know whether the horizontal image actually appears smaller on ONE store.

  • When you upload a horizontal image on ONE store Developer Center, you can preview the landscape(horizontal)/Portrait(vertical) image. Once an image is uploaded, ONE store Client will automatically resize and expose the image. Please check whether the image you want to upload is a horizontal one or a vertical one at Preview.

I will sell apps only in Korea. In this case, is it necessary to set the language?

  • If you set nothing, Korean and KRW will be set as default, and then you can publish and sell apps on ONE store Client.

Should I enter the in-app path?

  • Please simply write where an in-app is added so that our review team can quickly verify the in-app. (ex: Run > Main > Item Shop > Purchase Item )

When I use the option for publishing apps (Manually Publish, Set the Date/Time to Publish), where can I publish apps?

  • After our review is approved, you can publish apps or change the date/time for publishing apps at Publishing Schedule.

Should I upload a 'user guide' document for review?

  • You are not required to upload that guide for review. You can upload it for reference, if necessary.

Is it necessary to update recent changes? Where are they displayed?

  • You are not required to update recent changes. However we recommend you submit recent changes at What's New so as to entice customers to download more apps.

What is the difference between registering a new binary and updating an existing binary?

  • Registering a new binary is a function for initial binary registration or multi-binary services.

  • Updating an existing binary is a function for updating the application binary.

  • If you update the binary by deleting the existing binary and then registering the new binary, the list of existing supported devices may be deleted, so please make sure to use the “update existing binary” function for binary updates.

What is the content rating criteria for ONE store games?

  • At ONE store, we conduct "Independent Rating Classification" for all games sold in accordance with the "Game Industry Promotion Act."

  • For more information, please go to "Developer Center > Support > FAQ > Verification > Is ia review by the Game Rating and Administration Committee necessary?"

Are there restrictions on permissions?

  • We have renewed Developer Center so that you can immediately check permission information. We do not have a separate guide for restrictions on permission. But according to ONE store Review Guideline , if you allow permissions which infringe on private information, your request for review might be rejected. Please refer to permission information guided by Android.

How can I handle VAT?

  • The price of all apps published and transacted in Korea includes VAT at 10%.

Can I convert an application that is on sale with the ONE store in-app purchase applied to a 3rd party payment method?

  • When registering an application for the first time, you may choose whether to accept a 3rd party payment method. However, once it is registered, this setting cannot be changed as it may cause confusion for users.

  • In addition, the payment method cannot be changed by newly registering the same application as the one already on sale.