ONE store Key Management System and the Android App Bundle

Can I sell the same app in other markets using the Android App Bundle?

  • Signing keys must match to sell the same app and support updates in other markets.

  • You can update it only when you register the signing key created by yourself without using the signing key created by the ONE store or other markets.

Can I switch back to APK if I switch the product being sold to AAB?

  • Once you switch to AAB, you cannot switch to APK again. Please keep this in mind when deciding to switch to AAB.

Can I register an app with the Dynamic Feature Delivery function of the Play Store?

  • Yes. However, users can download the product only through Universal APK.

Can I register the app with the Asset Delivery function of the Playstore?

  • Only install-time can be registered among the delivery types of Asset Delivery in the Play Store.

I have registered and published multiple APKs. Can I use the key management system?

  • To use the key management system, it must be published as a single binary and not as a multi-binary. Please update the binary to a single binary to use the key management system.

The verification will be completed after a verification request using the Apply Immediately option, the status will appear as sale pending.

  • As AAB products need time to create a binary that fits the terminal, you may experience a delay. The delay will depend on the file size. However, the process is expected to be completed within 30 minutes.