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Key points for adding distribution countries

Are there any requirements for distributing products in multiple countries?
  1. For products utilizing the In-App SDK, please make sure to apply In-App API V6 (SDK v19) or higher.

    • Products using API V4 (SDK v16) or lower require re-publishing after re-registration

    • Products using API V5 (SDK v17) require an upgrade to API V6 (SDK V19)

    • Products using API V6 (SDK v19) are eligible for release, but recommended to upgrade to API V7 (SDK V21)

  2. One product should have only one registered binary.

    • 'Multi-binary' products cannot be released globally.

  3. For products utilizing the ALC, please make sure to apply ALC V2 or higher.

    • If using ALC V1, upgrade to ALC V2 is required.

  4. For In-app or ALC applied products, App signing key is required.

    • When uploading binaries, set 'signing key option' to 'Use the app signature (recommended)'

What is the process for expanding release countries?

To expand the product globally, please follow the steps below. For detailed information on these settings, please refer to 'App Registration and Management'.

  1. [Main Information] Menu

    • Enter the age ratings applicable to global distribution countries.

  2. [App Info] Menu

    • Set the language to English, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) for App Info through the "Language Settings," with English as the default language. ※ Please note that providing App informatio in the user's preferred language is crucial for user engagement. To attract a wider audience, make sure to input app information in various languages whenever possible.

  3. [Countries / App Pricing] Menu

    • Add global countries to the distribution countries.

  4. [New Binary] Menu

    • If 'In-App' or 'ALC' is applied, set the signing key to 'Use the app signature (recommend).'

    • Upload the binary file for the update.

      • Global sales are not possible when operating with a multi-binary.

      • If ALC is applied, global sales are possible from version V2 or higher. If the version is V1, please upgrade to V2.

  5. [In-App] Menu

    • If there are in-app products, set the sale price by country.

    • The in-app SDK version must be v19 or higher.

  6. [App Review] Menu

    • Click the 'Request for Review' button to go to the 'App Review' menu.

    • In 'Option for Publishing Apps', set the sales start date to activate after the review.

    • Enter supported language tags and content in 'Recent Changes'.

    • Click the 'Save' button to request a review.

Why aren't products showing up in the newly added country after distribution?

If you've added a Distribution country, please be sure to 'Request for Review.' Service for the added country will begin after the review is approved.

Is it possible to release products in global countries without a release in Korea?

Yes, it is possible. Releasing in Korea is not a mandatory requirement.

What languages are available for technical assistance in the Developer Center?

The Developer Center supports both Korean and English, and it also provides a Chinese guide for certain technical documents.

An option called 'Crypto application setting' has been added to the Basic Information. What does this option do?

This option is intended for listing products that utilize blockchain technology and is available only for products categorized as 'Games'. Compliance with the laws of each country is mandatory for blockchain services. In countries where the sale of blockchain products is prohibited, such as Korea, releasing them is not permitted.

If your service utilizes blockchain technology, you can set the 'Crypto application setting' to 'Yes' in order to enable the configuration of the following options.

  • Supported Blockchain Network

  • NFT Availability

  • TOKEN Availability

An option labeled 'PC distribution setting' has been added to the general information. What does this option do?

This option is intended to support 'games' that offer services within the PC (Windows) environment. When you set 'PC distribution setting' to 'Yes,' the 'Manage PC Distribution' menu becomes active, enabling you to register EXE files through that menu.

Please take note of the following constraints for PC Distribution products.

  • The feature is available only for products categorized as 'Games'.

  • The product will be released on the ONE store Global website and available for global users, excluding Korea.

  • Product information, distribution countries, verification, and others will be integrated and provided in conjunction with app-based products.

'ONE store Rating Classification' has been added to Content Ratings. What does this option do?

In order to release products globally, you must provide the ratings as defined by the regulations of each respective country. This can vary based on the product type, and in certain countries, you can utilize the 'ONE store Rating Classification,' which is ONE store's standard for rating classification.

You may input only the items relevant to the country where you intend to release your product from the various items displayed in the rating. Please click 'here' to view the list of countries associated with each item.

If the entered rating is not appropriate for the product, the verification may be rejected. For verification details, please refer to 'here'.

Can't I distribute paid apps in Taiwan?

The following products are not allowed for distribution in Taiwan (Enjoy Store):

  • Products categorized under FUN, Lifestyle/Location, or Language/Education that are paid products

  • Products categorized under FUN, Lifestyle/Location, or Language/Education that include in-app purchases

  • Products categorized under FUN, Lifestyle/Location, or Language/Education that involve external payments

Product Information

What languages are supported by ONE store? Do all supported languages need to be set up for release?

Currently, the supported languages for product information are Korean, English, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified). As the list of release countries expands, additional supported languages will be continuously added in the future.

To enhance service quality and attract users, please register app information in all supported languages, with English set as the default language.

How is the local price for each country set for global release?

By setting the 'Country of distribution' and adding paid products or in-app products, you can enable the feature that allows inputting country-specific prices.

After inputting the base currency price in KRW (Korean Won), you can use the 'Exchange rate update' to automatically establish country-specific prices. If more precise price adjustments are required, you can also manually input the prices.

  • Exchange Rate Application Standard

    • Updated based on the exchange rate of the current day at 9 AM (KST time)."

    • In case of public holidays, the exchange rate of the previous business day is applied.


Is country-specific payment testing required for products with In-App SDK for global release?

Since the integrated SDK is used, country-specific sandbox testing is not necessary. It is separated into Korea and global (outside of Korea) standards, and sandbox testing is supported based on these criteria. Payment

Is listing subscription-based products supported by Global Platform?

Global Platform does not allow the listing of subscription-based products. Kindly note that subscription-based products that are listed are exclusively intended for service in Korea."

Can the ONE store payment service be used for games on Windows as well?

ONE store provides an opportunity for your games and apps to be discovered and enjoyed by a diverse range of customers even in the Windows environment. To apply the ONE store payment service, please get in touch with the Developer Center through 'HELP' or at


Is there a size limit for binary uploads?

Only binaries with a size of 2GB or less can be uploaded.

Can I use SDK from other platforms (tracking, optimization, advertising, login, etc.)?

You can use SDK from other platforms without any constraints.


Are the currency units and exchange rates different for each countries/regions?

Exchange Rate Policy The exchange rate of the 1st day of the following month after the sales monthe will be applied. (Based on the rate of the Seoul Money Brokerage. If the 1st day is a holiday, the exchange rate of the previous business day will be applied.) Currency Unit Sales records are displayed in the local currency of the countries/regions where the sale was made. Settlement details are shown in Korean Won (KRW) for Korea developers and in USD for all other countries/regions, based on the ONE store member type.

Is the service fee for global sales also subject to tax invoice issuance?

For domestic (Korea) developers, the service fee associated with global sales is also subject to a Tax Invoice, and they are obligated to report it to the Korean National Tax Service.

For developers from countries/regions other than Korea, invoices will be provided as before, with separate invoices issued for each ONE store and ONE store Global.

What are the differences from the existing settlement logic?

It is calculated in the same way as before. However, based on the legal provision that 'An amount compensated or to be compensated by a person other than the recipient of goods or services, which is settled with mileage, etc. other than self-accumulated mileage, etc.', please be aware that in the case of the Global Platform, if there are amounts conserved by a third party depending on the operational form by countries/regions, they will be included in the service fee. (Related law: Enforcement Decree Of The Value-added Tax Act Article 61- Calculation of Value of Supply through Credit Sales, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 9) The service fee rate varies depending on the payment method of the user. ONE store offers various payment methods preferred by users. Among these methods, some payment options are considered 'High Rate Payment Methods,' which incur higher fees than the ONE store service fee. For 'High Rate Payment Methods,' the settlement is calculated by deducting both the ONE store service fee and the payment method fee from the payment amount. However, in this case, a lower ONE Store service fee rate is applied to maximize the developer's payout. Please refer to the following formulas: - ONE store Service Fee for 'High Rate Payment Methods' = (Payment Amount - Various Taxes - Payment Method Fee) * ONE store Service Fee Rate + Payment Method Fee - ONE store Service Fee for Non-'High Rate Payment Methods' = (Payment Amount - Various Taxes) * ONE store Service Fee Rate - The service fee for High rate payment methods = 10% or 15% - The service fee for all other payment methods = 20% The item “payment amount (net)”, which is the final payment amount, has been added to the settlement details. -The settlement amount includes the VAT agency payment amount to be paid in the local sales countries/regions. However, this item affects developers who directly pay VAT to the local sales countries/regions. For other developers, ONE store handles the payment on their behalf and it is excluded from the settlement amount. -In Taiwan, the withholding tax, incurred according to the payment method is displayed.

What is the format of the settlement details?
  1. Service fee Since the settlement amount is calculated after excluding the VAT to be paid in the countries/regions of sales, the service fee displayed in the detailed settlement information is the amount with VAT excluded. Therefore, for domestic developers, the service fee matches with the value of supply on the tax invoice.

  2. Excluded amount Based on the operational model of the global platform in each countries/regions, there may be amount of money that are either excluded or compensated in the discount amount. Hence, the amount of money deducted from the discount amount will be displayed in the excluded amount.

  3. Amount Owned and Settlement Amount The settlement amount is the final amount received by the developer. -Amount Owned: The amount is calculated according to the settlement rate and logic, and when a domestic developer is issued with a service fee tax invoice, an additional 10% VAT, which is expected to be reimbursed by the state, is deducted from the payment amount. -Settlement Amount: Generally, the amount owned and the settlement amount are the same. However, if the developer is responsible for paying VAT directly, the VAT is added to the amount owned to calculate the settlement amount.

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