Register/Revise Product

How do I re-register the same app as the one I was selling?

Re-registration of the same app is not possible due to ONE store classifying apps based on the package name. In addition, even if the package name is changed and registered, the ONE store policy does not allow this, as two or more of the same app being installed on a customer’s device can cause confusion.

3rd Party Payment

  • How do I re-register the same app as the one I was selling?

    • Re-registration of the same app is not possible due to ONE store classifying apps based on the package name. In addition, even if the package name is changed and registered, the ONE store policy does not allow this, as two or more of the same app being installed on a customer’s device can cause confusion.

  • How to make sure 3rd party purchase API works perfectly?

    • Apps that use 3rd party purchase must provide users with a purchase ID (developer's purchase ID to identify the purchase) “when 3rd party purchase has been completed.” The ONE store Review Team (in the payment completion screen and in the email notification) uses the purchase ID to check whether the transaction details have been delivered properly to ONE store when the app's 3rd party purchase has been completed/canceled. For more information, please check 3rd party purchase guideline.

  • I'd like to change the payment method for products, which has sold using the ONE store in-app payment module to 3rd party payment

    • As the provider of purchase changes in the payment method, the ONE store does not allow the conversion of the payment method from previously sold product because of the confusion from customers. Conversely. It is also not allowed to sell products using the ONE store in-app payment module to 3rd party payments and vise versa.

  • I'd like to use a combination of ONE store in-app payment and 3rd party payment method within a product

    • Mixed use between ONE store in-app payment and external payment can cause confusion for customers because of customer's complaints, such as checking purchase details or canceling purchases. Therefore, hybrid purchase method using ONE store in-app payment and external payment are not allowed.

I just need to revise product description of my app. Should I apply review for this case too?

  • In case you have legal changes like below through revising descriptions, Yes we need to check this change affect to legal violation or not, you don't need to apply review for your apps.

MenuApp InformationCases Requiring Review

Basic Information

Search Keyword

When information has been changed

Applying Android Auto

When changing to “yes”

App Type and Content Ratings

When changing the app type to “game”

When changing the rating from 18+ to another rating

Location Information

When changing to “yes”

When modifying the certificate of completion of report

Personal Information

When changing to “yes”

Intellectual Property Rights

When changing to “yes”

When modifying documents of legal evidence

Countries / App Pricing

Country of Distribution

When adding a country

New Binary

Signing Key

When setting a signing key

Add a New Binary

When registering a binary



When registering an In-App

What should I know before I apply for the review on a location-based service application?

To service a location-based service application, the first thing you should do is to check if the user location information is collected by the server.



  • Services that collect/use location information

If the location information is transmitted to the server, attach the location information business certificate

If not, agree not to transmit location information.


If the application collects location information, when the application is first executed, the application must clearly notify the user of what information is collected and what services are provided, and the application must get agreement from the purchaser. (Agreement UI form: Users must be able to choose whether to agree or not by touching separate buttons before the location information is collected.)

Relevant Notice: Update guide for review and registration of location information collecting product of location-based application

Should I prepare a certification of age rating from GRAC(Game Rating & Administration Committee of Korea)?

In accordance with Game Industry Promotion Act, ONE store provides independent game rating classification service based on questionnaire system, which provides GRAC. Therefore, game developers can rate its game age rating answering simple automatic questionnaire.

Please check more details like below

  • To complete the questionnaire : Apps > Applications (select the app) > Main Information (category)

  • Classifised rating result after answering questionnaire could not be use at the other storefront or countries

  • If an 18+ rating(Not permitted for use by juveniles) is determined through the survey, a rating classification application must be submitted to the Game Rating and Administration Committee in accordance with the law.

  • Rating classification result will be set based on your answer to questionnaire, which is provided by GRAC

  • Developer have to answer to each questionnaire based on 'fact'. In case the answer is identified as 'fallency', ONE store and GRAC may restrict the sale of an app or adjust the ratings.

  • If there is objection to classification rating, please contact

Can I upload APK file, which currently has uploaded to Googlge Play Store, without any change?

I would like to know the exact reasons why my review was rejected.

  • If your application is disapproved by the review, you can check the reasons for disapproval through e-mail or 'Apps> Applications > App info > App Review'. Additional inquiries regarding the reason for rejection can be made at the ONE Store Developer Center > Help > Technical Support > App Review. Your inquiry will be checked and responded to by the review representative

I cannot request for review because the Request for Review button is inactive.

  • If the Request for Review button is inactive even after entering all the information required for app registration, please check whether any of the following cases apply.

    • If there are any in-apps that have not undergone Sandbox payment testing(check “Test Status Y” after the payment testing)

    • If the app has been approved and is currently Ready to Publish(review can be requested after sales start)

    • If the binary has not been updated or registered (if there is no change in the existing binary, review can be requested upon re-registration after deleting the binary

I would like to cancel my request for review.

  • Requests for review can only be canceled before the review begins. Once the review has started, the request cannot be canceled

    • To cancel a request for review: APPS > Applications > Select App > App Review > “Cancel Request for Review” button

  • If the review has already been approved and the app has been distributed, withdrawal/restoration or recovery is not possible. However, if the app binary has not been distributed by setting the sales start option to “direct application” or “reservation application,” “canceling a reservation” is possible

    • To cancel a reservation: Developer Center > APPS > Click on the app > Reservation Information.

What are major problems that affect to app review result?

  • Errors with running the app

    • If operational errors are causing disruptions with running the app, leading to forced shutdowns or connectivity issues.

  • Links to other application markets

    • ONE store does not allow irregular promotion techniques that harmful to users or ONE store developers eco system, such as product installation, download or update via outside ONE store

  • In-App Purchase related

    • If the app price is not displayed in Korean Won (KRW)

    • If there is a discrepancy between the in-app price listed in the app compared to the price displayed on the payment page

    • When trying to withdraw from a subscription, but you are notified that the app subscription cannot be withdrawn

  • 3rd party payment related

    • ONE store '3rd party payment API' is not deployed to your product or payment record is not transferred to ONE store server

    • Developer has checked his product as 'Not a 3rd party payment' but actual product has applied 3rd party payment

  • Non-compliance with the policy on the collection and use of personal information

    • If the terms and conditions for the collection and use of personal information and consent procedures are not implemented in apps collecting personal information

  • Non-compliance with the notification standards of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for random chat apps

    • If the standards announced by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for random chat apps (membership management/conversation storage/report function) are not implemented

The app has been updated after the review has been completed, but I am unable to see the update history.

  • Update history is displayed only when “update information” is entered when requesting a review. If you are not able to “update information,” please send us the following information through the Developer Center, and we will provide assistance

    • Update date:

    • Update content:

    • To make an inquiry: Developer Center > Help > Technical Support > Category > App review

I received an email requesting payment cancellation for an 3rd party payment test, but the payment details have not been confirmed.

  • When an app with 3rd party payment “active” has been reviewed, an email requesting cancellation of external payment will automatically be sent from the system, and the test payment details can be checked using the link in the email. If the test payment details cannot be found, please ignore the request as the actual 3rd party payment test has not been conducted.

The app cannot be searched on Naver.

  • In accordance to the ONE store-Naver search linkage policy, exposure of certain apps in Naver's integrated search may be restricted (refer to the examples below)

    • Strategic game apps

    • Chat/blind dating apps

    • Promotional apps for a specific business, product or region, community, etc.

    • Comics, novel series or series-type products, such as karaoke, ringtones, and wallpapers

    • Sensational products, such as sexy photo books

    • Gambling-related games that are prohibited to teenagers (GoStop, poker, etc.)

  • For more information on Naver’s search exposure guidance, please contact the Naver Integrated Search Customer Center.

After receiving the post-review results, we were notified of a “recommendation for revision/warning/prohibited from sales.” What should I do?

  • If improvements or policy violations are identified during monitoring even after the app has been sold, we will notify you through the "post-review results." Follow-up procedures may differ depending on the rating given

    • Recommendation for revision: If we have recommendations that we believe will help improve the quality of the app, we may advise you to consider implementing revisions. Although it is not compulsory, revisions are recommended to help improve the quality of the app

    • Warning: If a minor policy violation has been identified, the app will still be available for sale, but corrective action will be required. The accumulation of warnings may lead to restrictions on app sales

    • Prohibited from sales: If a serious policy violation has been identified, the app will immediately be “prohibited from sales” and from being distributed to users. Sale can be resumed only when the proper explanation and action of the seller is confirmed.