Preferential fees applied to credit card companies for small and medium-sized businesses


Credit card preferential fees shall be applied to small and medium-sized businesses pursuant to Article 18 of the Credit Finance Business Act of the Financial Services Commission and the Regulations for Supervision of the Credit Finance Business Act. (Articles 254, 25-5 and 25 (6) of the Financial Services Commission)

Target Customer

A member of the ONE Store business and a small/medium-sized business operator designated by the National Tax Service (business operator with annual sales of less than 3 billion won calculated by the National Tax Service) ※ The National Tax Service can check the status of small and medium-sized businesses and their detailed grades. Payment means other than credit (check) cards are not eligible for preferential fees.

Criteria and methods for refund of preferential fees

  • The last day of the previous month, or credit card credit card company to (check) by the end of the fee rebate paid after application of preferential treatment in and pg.

  • In the event of a refund of preferential fee refund due to cancellation of purchase subject to refund, it will be paid after deducting from the expected refund, and if there is no deduction amount, the sales member can request the deposit or deduct it from the sales payment settlement.

  • The negative tax invoice will be issued in the middle of the following month based on the refund amount of the preferential fee from the 1st to the end of the previous month, and the transfer will be made at the end of the tax invoice issue.

  • The remittance will be made to the same account as the settlement amount previously set.

Preferential fee refund amount confirmation path

  • APPS > Payment > Refund credit card preferential fee

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