Beta·Indie Game Zone

Beta Game Zone

What are the applying conditions for Beta Game Zone participation?

  • Any developer wishing to communicate with users to enhance the quality of the game before the official service can apply.

  • The products eligible for application must meet the following conditions:

    • A free game that does not include in-app products.

    • A game not currently serviced in other Android markets.

    • A game preparing for release on ONE store or a game that requires testing for a huge update of an already released product.

When can I check the application results?

  • Review of games submitted by the 25th of each month is generally completed within three business days.

  • If selected as a candidate after review, we will notify you via the email you wrote down when applying for Beta Game Zone.

How long is the service period of Beta Game Zone?

  • Beta Game Zone is generally conducted for two weeks once a month. However, this can change depending on operational circumstances.

What is the procedure for Beta Game Zone participation and receiving rewards?

  1. Game Installation

    • You can install the game from 'ONE store (South Korea) > 혜택 > 이달의 베타게임존'

  2. Playing the Game

    • Allow users to play the game after logging in.

    • Set a goal considering the purpose of the test and rewards.

  3. Playing to reach the goal

    • Set a goal that matches the purpose of the test and rewards.

      • Ex) Play n times, achieve level n, clear stage n, etc.

    • The goal should be set to be achieved easily within the test period, without being overly challenging.

  4. Conducting Surveys

    • Construct survey questions considering the purpose of the beta test to obtain desired results.

      • Request a ‘mobile phone number' as it will be used for giving away participation rewards.

      • The Mobile phone number will be used for rewarding ONE store points.

    • The format and items of the survey are not fixed; developers can design them in any way they want.

    • Only users who have played to reach the goal can participate in the survey.

  5. Rewarding

    • Select up to 100 users to reward among those who participated in the survey.

      • Recipients will be selected based on criteria such as first-come-first-served, random, or best review decided by the developers.

    • Send the list of recipients to ONE store, and ONE store points (10,000) will be rewarded to those users.

    • If a mobile phone number is not written in the survey, or if the participant is currently not a member of ONE store, ONE store points will not be rewarded.

Can I conduct payment tests during the Beta Game Zone service period?

  • The Beta Game Zone is intended for free games that do not include in-app products, so payment testing cannot be conducted.

  • If you are integrating In-App SDK and in-app products for release, make sure that the test users are blocked from making payments in the game.

Why should I request user phone numbers in the survey?

  • Mobile phone numbers are used as identifiers for rewarding ONE store points to beta test participants.

  • When requesting mobile phone numbers during the survey, you must obtain consent for the collection and use of personal information, and for the provision of personal information to third parties.

What should I do if I need to change the schedule of the Beta Game Zone after the schedule has been fixed?

  • If you need to change or cancel the schedule, please contact the Beta Game Zone coordinator ( as soon as possible.

Can I receive support for verification to quickly deploy continuous patches during the Beta Game Zone?

  • For developer convenience, you can conduct beta tests without pre-build verification.

  • We also provide support for continuous updates during the beta service period.

Can I apply for the Beta Game Zone again after being selected?

  • Developers can apply again even if you have been selected for the Beta Game Zone and conducted a beta test already. However, if there are no significant changes from the previous beta version, the game may not be selected.

  • Even if reselected for the Beta Game Zone, support for ONE store points reward will be equally provided.

Can I use the same package name and AID used in Beta Game Zone for the official release?

  • For the official release, you must create a new package name and AID. When participating in Beta Game Zone it is recommended that you use a package name different from the one you plan to use for the official release.

Where can I make inquiries regarding Beta Game Zone?

Indie Game Zone

Are there any restrictions for being selected for Indie Game Zone?

  • All games serviced in ONE store (South Korea) can be selected for the Indie Game Zone after being reviewed by ONE store.

What can I benefit from being selected for Indie Game Zone?

  • Your game will be featured in ‘Indie Game of the Month’ increasing its visibility to more users.

  • Users who newly download a game from Indie Game Zone will receive a coupon worth 2,000 KRW that can be used for that game only.

  • The rewards are subject to change according to operational policies.

Where can I find Indie Game Zone?

  • You can find it in the ‘ONE store (South Korea) > 혜택 > 이달의 인디게임존’ menu.

Where can I apply and be selected for Indie Game Zone?

  • There is no separate application process; games released in ONE store (South Korea) are selected after being reviewed by ONE store.

Where can I make inquiries regarding Indie Game Zone?

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