User management

How can customer cancel their purchase?

  • Customers are allowed to cancel the purchase of apps only when the content of the app has a fatal or system error. In this case, we cancel the purchase at your request after checking the content error with you.

  • The amount cancelled is deducted from the payment that you will request in the following month. (Sales occurred during 1st to 31st of M are requested in M+1.)

  • ONE store bears the cancellation fee of the commission.

Can I directly receive and handle all of requests made by customers?

  • If there are any problems or inquiries related to the app are submitted to 'Inquire Developers', Developer Center, or ONE store. Inquires sent to Developer Center or ONE store are delivered to you.

  • Of cause, you are responsible for the follow-up of the apps that you sell on ONE store. According to the law (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.), customers can view the information on the identity of the business operator.

  • When customer service is requested due to errors, you are obliged to inform how you handle the customer service. If you cannot take action to solve the problem, please contact Developer Center and request a refund.

When the app purchased on ONE store is deleted, is it available to download the app again?

  • Once the app is purchased, the app is available to be downloaded at any time, regardless of the purchase date. The app you wish to download again must be supported by the device type and OS. If this condition is not met, restrictions may apply while re-downloading and using the app.

  • If the Developer center account is withdrawn, the published app will no longer be available for sale, and re-downloading restrictions may be applied.

  • You can check the purchased list and download the app again at My Page> Purchase History. (For certain group of apps, the re-download period might be set separately.)

How can I handle customer inquiries?

  • You have to respond to the customer inquiries within three working days

  • If the inquiries are left unanswered for more than three days without any legitimate reason, and are submitted to us again, then we will reply to the customer at our discretion. Please be sure that you have to handle the inquiry within three working days.

  • See : Article 9 of ONE store Software Terms of Sale

Can I change the payment method after purchasing an app?

  • Please note that it is not possible to change the payment method after payment is complete.