Publisher's Page


Coming soon in late August: Create your own brand page to promote your brand and applications (supported by ONE store version 7.0 or higher).

Note: You must have at least one product on sale on ONE store. If you create a publisher's page, ONE store users will be able to see your other applications. Before creating a publisher's page, please check if the product’s published status complies with the app review guidelines.

How to create and/or update a publisher’s page

  • Step 1. Sign into the ONE store Developer Center.

  • Step 2. Click ‘APPS > Settings.’

  • Step 3. Click on ‘Publisher’s Page’ on the left menu.

  • Step 4. Enter your information and click ‘Save.’

  • Step 5. Change the page exposure status to ‘ON.’

  • Please note that all changes are reflected in real time on ONE store.

    ※ Sample guide image.

Essential Information

  • Developer description: Up to 140 characters. Please provide a description of the brand so that ONE store users can feel a positive experience

  • Developer CI: Resolution - 512x512. / Supported format - JPG, PNG. / Size - Under 2MB.

  • Recommended product list : Select the recommended applications to emphasize on the publisher's page. You can search by application name or package name (those with a published status only). Deleting from the recommended applications on the page does not affect the actual application status.

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