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ONE store Review Guidelines


The ONE store Developer Center Verification Guidelines help developers remove and identify risks in advance to ensure a successful business. We will support developers to provide the best experience and satisfaction they seek by protecting users of ONE store products.

Basic Principles of ONE store Content Review

  • A “product” refers to an application provided through ONE store and includes content, physical products, services, etc.
  • We protect users, especially underage ones, from harmful content such as illegal, obscene, and violent information on the app market. Simultaneously, we strive to uphold the ethics and integrity of the app ecosystem by ensuring the developer's freedom of expression is maximized as much as possible.
  • We build a reliable app ecosystem by actively reflecting the interests and opinions of users, as well as the responsibility of developers, for the safety of the app market.
  • ONE store's review standards respect the relevant laws and social norms of the target country and aim for global values.

1. Restricted Content

  • Inappropriate Content
    • Content that is discriminatory or defamatory of any religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity/nationality, or any specific group is not permitted.
    • Content that threatens national safety, public safety or undermines social order and international relations is not permitted.
    • Content that undermines, damages, or distorts human dignity and values using excessive elements of violence and disgust is not permitted.
    • Content that plans, prepares, or glorifies violence, harassment, or bullying etc. against civilians is not permitted.
  • Illegal Content
    • Illegal gambling games that promote gambling or products that provide information about them are not permitted.
    • Offering prizes depending on the game result is not permitted. However, prizes are permitted by relevant applicable laws if they are for general advertising or promotions that are irrelevant to the game.
    • Products used for digital sex crimes such as the distribution of illegally filmed footage are not permitted.
      • Filmed or reproduced footage taken against the will of the subject.
      • (Deepfake) Edited, composite, processed, or reproduced footage.
      • Sexual exploitation of children or minors.
      • Content that promotes other services that may be construed as offering sexual acts in exchange for compensation, such as prostitution arrangements or encounters with specific conditions, is not permitted.
  • Financial services
    • In the case financial services are provided, only financial business operators who have received prior authorization from a government institution (such as the Financial Services Commission) can provide the service.
    • Products that are deemed to be at risk of illegal money laundering using virtual currency, financing of terrorism, etc. are not permitted.
    • The promotion of illegal small loans through credit cards/gift certificates/micropayments, etc., and the inducement products are not permitted.
    • Receiving discounts for purchased goods by arranging, mediating, or advertising users to purchase gift certificates through telecommunication services, such as micropayments, is not permitted.

2. Underage Users Protection

  • Apps & Games content ratings on ONE store
    • The usage rating of individual products shall be maintained in accordance with ONE store's standard for age rating classification and shall not contain elements that are inappropriate for that age.
      • App (FUN, Life/Location, Language/Education) and game product standard for rating classification may be serviced according to the ONE store app standard for age rating classification.
        • ONE store app standard for age rating classification
        1) Permitted for use by all (For all ages)
        · In case there is no sexual exposure of the body
        · When there are no expressive elements reminiscent of sex
        · If there are no expressive elements that cause violence or hatred
        Crime or Drugs
        · In case there is no depiction of crime and drugs
        · If there is no expression such as vulgar or slang
        · If there is no promotion or expression for speculative acts
        2) Permitted for use by 12 year olds(12)
        · In case of slight sexual exposure
        - Slight exposure of the shoulders, waist, and legs
        · In the case of minor expression elements reminiscent of sex
        - light kissing, etc.
        · In the case of minor expression elements that cause violence and hatred
        - Fighting without bloodshed
        Crime or Drugs
        · Minor depictions of crime and drugs
        - Simple expression of alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
        · If there are expressions such as vulgar or slang, but they are minor
        - Everyday slang used in intimate relationships
        · If there is minor promotion or expression for speculative acts
        3) Permitted for use by 15 year olds(15)
        · If sexual exposure of the body is expressed in a limited way
        - Exposure in a state of clothing where the back of the upper body (back) is visible
        - Exposure of clothing in which the chest area (nipple non-exposure) is exposed
        - Exposure of clothing in which a woman's nipples are protruding or the outline of her breasts is clearly revealed
        - Exposure of clothing in which the genitals, pubic hair, anus, etc. are not visible
        - Exposure of clothes that are closely attached to the body and reveal the outline of the buttocks
        · If an element reminiscent of sex is expressed
        - Kisses with tongue contact or mouth wide open that the general public can judge as more than a light kiss
        · In the case of direct expression elements that cause violence and disgust
        - Injuries to humans, animals, and fantasy characters (images of real life forms such as humans and animals)
        - intentional destruction of an object
        Crime or Drugs
        · When a criminal act (theft, robbery, murder, etc.) is realistically depicted
        · If there is a realistic depiction of drinking or smoking
        · If there is content about narcotics and psychotropic drugs
        · If vulgar or slang, etc., that can hinder healthy language habits of juveniles is expressed
        · If there is direct promotion or expression for speculative acts
        - Casino, Gopo(Social Casino)Game, Sports Betting, etc.
        4) Not permitted for use by juveniles(18)
        · In the case where sexual exposure of the body is directly expressed
        - Full-body exposure (including front, side, and rear) of both sexes, with no exposed genitalia, pubic hair, or anus
        - Exposing the buttocks in men and women or the breasts (nipple) in women
        · Sexual acts, masturbation (indirectly) expressed
        - Sexual acts in which the male and female genitalia are not visible (editing, etc.)
        - Sexual intercourse using the mouth or hands on the genitals, breasts, or buttocks of men and women under clothes from the state of being clothed
        - masturbation on one's own breasts
        - Masturbation by using a part of the body or genital device under clothes in a state of clothing
        · In case elements that cause violence and disgust are realistically expressed excessively
        - Brutal killing, such as mutilation and mutilation accompanied by blood and bleeding of humans, animals, and fictional characters
      • Other media, such as publications and videos, must be reviewed by the reviewing agency in accordance with relevant laws.
      • The game age rating can be serviced in accordance with the age rating standard of the Game Rating and Administration Committee.
  • Content Rating and Information Unavailable for Underage Users
    • Games that cannot be used by underage users must be given a rating and a rating number by the Game Rating and Administration Committee, and the age information icon and content information icon must be displayed on the initialization screen of the game for at least 3 seconds.
  • Protecting Underage Users from Random Chat Products and Illegal Activities
    • Random chat products should be serviced with a rating that is not available for underage users in order to prevent the promotion of unhealthy companionship or illegal activities, such as prostitution.
      • Random chat products are any products in which conversation is conducted through text, audio, or video with an unknown number of people who are not designated by me directly.
    • Random chat products that do not meet the standards provided by the Minister of Gender Equality and Family are classified as harmful media to underage users, so a separate adult certification process must be set up along with the underage users hazard mark to prevent underage users from using them.
        • Membership management: The management of membership registration and registration information must be performed with the user's information verified through real name authentication or mobile phone authentication.
        • Saving conversations: It must be possible to maintain the conversation history (even if the conversation partner leaves the chat room), take a screenshot of the conversation, or save the conversation (by exporting it as a file, etc.).
      • Reporting: If any illegal activity occurs while chatting, a function that can be reported immediately to the developer (seller), government agency, etc. must be implemented.
    • According to the Youth Protection Act, if illegal acts such as pornography and prostitution are used in the chat room, a written warning that there can be legal punishment must be displayed in the chat room.
    • Requests for personal information (bank account numbers, identification numbers, and credit card numbers, etc.) in chat rooms can be abused for crimes such as phishing, so a function must be implemented to guide them not to use them in chats.
    • For products with in-app chat functions (other than chat and blind date products), caution and notice of sanctions to prevent damage to users must be implemented in the chat room.

3. Privacy and securities

  • Collection and Use of Personal Information
    • Privacy refers to any information which can identify users indirectly by connecting to personal identification information, financial and payment information, credential information and personal identification information.
    • Products that collect personal information must implement an explicit user consent procedure for collecting personal information before collecting the information.
    • When consenting to the collection of personal information, the items, purpose, and retention period of the personal information to be collected must be included.
    • Products that collect personal information must disclose the ‘Privacy Policy for Personal Information’.
    • In accordance with the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, if you are conducting a location information business that targets personal location information, you must attach a “Location-based Service Provider Report Certificate’.
  • Compliance with App Access Laws
  • Prevention of Malicious Behavior
    • Any malicious codes or actions which may expose users' data or device to a risk are prohibited (e.g. Virus, spyware, trojan horses, adware, rooting, etc.).
    • Any codes or actions which harm users and others by using users' device, program, network are prohibited (e.g. Spam, DDoS, Cryptojacking, etc.).
    • Any codes or actions which cause inconvenience to users or deceive users are prohibited (e.g. phishing, false advertising, etc.).

4. Intellectual Property Rights

  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Apps must only contain content created directly by the developer or content that the developer has legally obtained a license for from a third party.
    • Products that violate the intellectual property rights of others such as patents, trademarks, etc. are not permitted.
    • Any product that is found to violate intellectual property rights can be reported to the ONE store Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center.

5. Accurate metadata

  • Inappropriate Metadata
    • Products for which the purpose of using the app is unclear are not permitted.
    • Products registered for testing purposes are not permitted.
    • Inappropriate metadata, such as being unrelated to the product, misleading, or non-informative, is not permitted.
    • All metadata, including product name, product description, images and videos, must be provided according to standards suitable for all ages.
      • Accepted Metadata Criteria
        • Sexuality • No harmful content to underage users, such as nudity or sexual innuendo. • No expression deviating from social ethics (sexual violence, prostitution, incest, adultery, etc.).
        • Violence • No violent or disturbing content that offends users. • No direct description of blood or body destruction
        • Language • No sexual or vulgar language that negatively influences the behavior of underage users.
        • Other • No publicity or description of speculative behavior that may adversely affect underage users • No description of crimes or drugs.
  • Registering Files (APK)
    • APK must be signed with a Private Key.
    • When registering an APK change (request for verification), the VersionCode (manifest file) value must be updated to a higher value.
      • VersionCode is checked by binary.
      • If the previous verification result is approved (pass), the VersionCode value must be set higher than the previous value.

6. App Features

  • App Quality
    • The main functions of the app must be executed normally.
    • Links and images/texts that lead to or move to other app markets without justifiable reasons are not permitted.
  • Inappropriate advertising
    • Advertising outside the scope of the app or causing inconvenience to users is not permitted.
    • Advertisements that are harmful to underage users, such as adult content or gambling, are not permitted.

7. Payments

  • Payment Methods
    • Payment methods based on the provision of digital content must use an in-app payment or external payment API provided by ONE store, except in exceptional cases, such as payments for physical products.
  • ONE store In-app Payment
    • Applying 'In-app purchase' API
      • Apps should apply latest version of IAP SDK
      • Registered IAP payment metadata and applied IAP purchase function should be matched with each other
      • The amount of charge registered and the actual charging log must be the same
      • IAP Apps need to implement re-offer service or product function in order to prepare offer failed case after successful IAP payment procedure
      • If the in-app purchasable products (consumable, permanent, subscribe, etc.) are not fit for the purpose and attract excessive charging, they cannot be provided
  • Applying 3rd party payment SDK
    • 3rd party payment items have to send purchase details using ONE store 3rd party payment API without exception
    • Apps should provide 'OrderID' after customer's purchase process(using purchase complete display or email notification)
    • Apps should deliver purchase/cancel history via 3rd party purchase API correctly
    • Improper products, which intended to overspending customers will not acceptable
    • Relevant Guide: ONE store 3rd party payment linterlink API
  • 3rd party payment outlink
    • 3rd party payment outlinks are allowed only when the ONE store external payment API is registered.
      • Outlink Definition: This is an outlink for navigating to an 3rd party payment page in the app. However, this is not the case if it can only be recharged on the web and used on the app.

8. Change notes

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