Multilingual Input Guide

ONE Store recommends providing information optimized for the user's language. Please set up language-specific content considering the countries you are serving.

How to Utilize Language Code

If no language setting or input is available, you may utilize the language code for multilingual content display. The areas where you can input language codes are as follows.

  • APPS > Applications > App Review: Recent changes

  • APPS > Customer services > Notice by product: Product Notice

How to Encode

E.g.: content</language code>

Apply language code tags at both the starting and ending points of the content. For English and Korean services, you can apply the code as follows.

<ko>안녕하세요</ko> <en>Hello</en>

LanguageLanguage Code





Default Language Setting

If a user requests a language that the developer has not configured, the default language will be provided, and the default language will be automatically set to the first entered language code.

<ko>안녕하세요</ko> <en>Hello</en>

In the setup above, the first language set, 'Korean,' becomes the default language. with this setup, if the user requests 'Chinese,' the default language, 'Korean,' will be provided instead. If you want to provide English as a default language, you can simply place English first, as shown below.

<en>Hello</en> <ko>안녕하세요</ko>

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