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This document describes the general settlement process to the developers whose apps or games are sold on the Onestore. The settlement for the payment will be processed as below sequence.

  • Submitting developer’s information for settlements initiation. It requires approval from the Onestore staffs.

  • Sales of app, game, and in-app-billing items on the Onestore market.

  • Issuing of the sales transaction reports and statements documents.

  • Executing payment to sellers.



Label name


Sales status

Current monthly sales

Sales status for this month

Sales trends report

Report the volume and trends of sales by periods, products, and selling channels.

Daily transactions

Report for each day’s all transactions for certain month and product.

Report downloads history

History of downloads of the sales reports whose transaction records are above 50,000 counts.

Settlement status

Current settlement status

Report for the status of the settlements and payments for the current month.

Payments details

Report for the detailed information for the final payment statements by sales channels and month.

Tax invoice

Monthly tax invoice

Payments history

Report for the previous payments and details.

  • Sales status

    • This report provides the current month’s sales status.

  • Sales Trend Report

    • This page reports the sales volume by periods, products, and selling channels. It updates every days after closing daily transactions. It summarizes by the sales amount for the previous calendar day.

    • Search by period: It provides the search result of specific day or month. The monthly report linked to daily transaction reports.

    • Search by product: It provides the search result of the specific product. It also connects to detailed sales reports of the products.

    • Search by channel: It provides the search result of a specific sales channel including Onestore, KT, and LG U+

Payment Reports and Tax Invoices

  • The finalized payments reports are provided depends on the seller types. There is three type of seller accounts.

    • Individual seller: The domestic seller (or developer) can receive the receipts page only.

    • Business seller including individuals or corporations: The domestic individual businesses or cooperation sellers can receive a tax invoice.

    • International seller: The seller located outside of South Korea can receive tax invoices.

Payment of the settlement amount

  • The settlements pay on the last day of the next month of the business periods for the convenience of the sellers and developers. The amount of the payments are finalized based on the revenue and deducted service fee ratio by the term statements. International sellers can receive the payments on the additional next month compared to domestic ones. The status of payments is described as bellows notions.




The status denotes that the payments failed for some reasons, and the amount is delayed to the next month. The next action will be made automatically.

Waiting for request

The payment is holding until the payment request arrives on the system. The requests for the current month can be made by the seller and it can initiate the next payments process.

Complete the request

The request is arrived on the system and about to ready to be made execution of the payment to the seller.

Processing payment

The system on the go the execution of payment.

Complete the payment

The amount of payment was successfully transferred to the sellers account as the processing rules.

Failed payment

The execution of payment was failed some reasons. The process is delayed to next trial. Sellers are recommended to check their account information.

  • Domestic Seller's settlement process

    • The domestic sellers can receive the payments for their revenue on the 12th day of next month from the current business month which regularly set from 1st to the end of the month.

      Time span


      12th of next month

      The settlement amount announces on the payments status pages.

      End of next month

      The payment automatically transferred to the bank account of the seller without any specific requests for the payment.

    • If you need to change the bank account for the payments, you have to update it before the 10th day of every month so that it can be applied for current month’s payment.

  • International Seller's settlement process

    • The international sellers need to submit a payments requests for their payments on the system. The form is ready when the total cumulative amount is larger than 100,000 won, and exposed from 15th to 25th day on the payments status web page. The amount is gathered from 1st to end of the months and finalized by the 15th day of next months.

  • Request for the payment

  • The payments processed right after a 5th day of next months, but it could be delayed one or two more working days depending on the bank’s occasional reasons such as their nationalities or internal processing conditions.

    Time span


    15th day of next month

    The finalized amount is announced on the seller’s page.

    15th ~ 25th day of next month

    The tax invoice issues and the payment request form is activated when the total cumulative amount is above 100,000 KWON.

    The beginning of after two months

    The payments is processed to the bank accounts of sellers.






Actual Sales

Actual sales include the total transaction sales amount before customer refund.

Sales channel

Sales channel represents the three corporations including Onestore, KT, and LG, which issued its own tax invoice separately.


Actual Sales

Actual sales include the total transaction sales amount before customer refund. It represents the final adjusted amount based on the transaction information including customer payments, promotion coupons, rewards, membership discounts.

Service fee

Service fee represents the fee amounts of the transactions. The tax invoice issues based on the service fee amounts.


The actual net payable amount to a developer, which calculated from the actual sales after deduction of the service fee.

Developer’s revenue

Developer’s revenue is containing the payments from Onestore and the service fee amounts on the tax invoices.

Customer payments amount

The total check out amounts from the customers. It can be adjusted from the customer refund requests.

coupon/point/ membership, etc.

The discount methods providing to the customer purchases. Currently, Onestore is providing discount ways such as redeem coupons, rewards points, and customer membership rewards points from major telecom companies.

Settlement adjustments

Onestore occasionally adjusts the new payment statements based on the changes of service fee or payments.

International developers

VAT rules

The sales price in Onestore includes VAT, and it should be reported and paid to the Korean National Tax Service directly. However, for the convenience of international developers, Onestore pays the VAT instead and deducts it from the payments statements.

Withholding tax

Subject to the tax treaty among some countries, the 2% of additional tax should be collected.

* The sales and settlement amount includes VAT.

* Please confirm here, if you want to know service fee.

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