App Review Procedures


'App-Review' is a mandatory step in order to sell and update your product at ONE store, excluding some of product descriptions. ONE store always doing its best to complete your product review within a working day in regular sequence. (Please be sure that you must read and refer to ONE store App Review Guideline while building/registering your apps.)

'App-Review' is usually done within one business day based on South Korean business days, but it may exceed the verification period (1 business day) due to unavoidable internal circumstances. If it exceeds 5 business days from the date of the review request, we will inform you of specific reasons.

Request for Review

  • In case developer complete required items, “Request Review” button would be activated.

    • After submit “Request Review”, you need to fill the options for the 'Option for Publishing Apps', 'Recent Changes(when you update your product)', and 'Reference for Review'. Under ‘App Review’ process, you cannot revise product detail information.

      • Recent changes: Helpful information for customers what has been changed.

      • Reference for Review: Reference information for App Review team in order to explain which kind of part has been changed.

  • Before request a review, you should check supportable device list and physical binary file you had uploaded.

App Review Steps

  • ‘App Review’ system check physical and security problems in your binary files at a time. If your product contains threat, such as virus or malware, it will be rejected automatically.

  • For any app found to be in violation of the review guidelines, the review will be rejected and an email will be sent with the review results.

  • For any app that complies with the review guidelines, the review can be approved, and app sales can begin right away.

  • However, app sales may be restricted, even after they begin, if there are any serious threats or policy violations identified through monitoring.

Review Status

  • You can view the app review result at Apps > My Applications > App Review

  • Review Status The review status iscategorized into three: "In Review", "Approved", and "Rejected".


    In Review

    At this stage, Signed system reviews the device operation, and verifies the maleficence of the app contents.


    The review results have approved the sale. You can sell the app immediately.


    If your app has been rejected during the comprehensive review, the developer should review the reasons for rejection stated in the review result document, address the issues, and then request a reevaluation of the product.

  • App Review Results and History

    • The review result is ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’. When the app is rejected, you can view why it is rejected at Review Result Details.

    • You can view a review history per app version at Review History

    • ‘√‘ indicates the latest version of an app.

    • You can view the review result details by clicking a binary file name.

Option for Publishing Apps

  • When you request a review, you are offered three options for publishing apps.


    To Be Published Immediately and Automatically

    You can have an app to be published immediately and automatically once the app is approved.

    Manually Publish

    You can manually publish the app after the app is approved. You can change the publishing date and time.

    Set the Date/Time to Publish

    The app will be deployed on the date specified by the developer. It is also possible to change the deployment date or deploy the app immediately.

  • If you select "Cancel Reservation Information" after the app review approval, the app's approval will be canceled. In this case, you will not be able to sell the app or apply updates. Please make this decision carefully before proceeding with the cancellation.

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