ONE store Review Guidelines


The ONE store Global Platform (hereinafter referred to as "ONE Store") Product Verification Guidelines are designed to assist developers in proactively eliminating elements that pose risks to their businesses and to facilitate a swift passage through the assessment process.

Through these verification guidelines, developers are provided with opportunities to create innovative apps, while ensuring users have a secure experience while using these apps.

Basic Principles of ONE Store Content Deliberation

  • Product refers to the application provided through ONE Store and includes content, physical goods, services, etc.

  • We protect users and juveniles from harmful information such as illegal, obscene, and violent information on the app market, and secure the ethics and public interest of the app ecosystem by guaranteeing developers' freedom of expression to the greatest extent.

  • For safety in the app market, we build a reliable app ecosystem by actively reflecting users' interests and opinions as well as developers' responsibilities.

  • Basic principles of ONE Store's deliberation respect the relevant laws and social norms of the service target countries and aim for international universal values.

Restricted content

Unwholesome Content

  • Content that discriminates against or is defamatory of religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity/national or group is not allowed.

  • Content that threatens public safety or undermines social order and international relations is not permitted.

  • Content that undermines or distorts human dignity and values due to excessive violence and hateful elements is not allowed.

  • Content that plans, prepares, or glorifies violence, harassment, bullying, etc. against civilians is not allowed.

  • Products containing sexual content, such as pornography, profanity, or content or services intended to provide sexual gratification are not permitted. Even sexually suggestive content, such as nudity, may be allowed if art, education, documentary, or science are the primary objectives and are not included unnecessarily.

  • If a product contains content that violates these guidelines, but the content is deemed appropriate in specific regions or countries, users in that regions or countries may use the product. However, users in other regions or countries shall not use the product.

Illegality Content

  • We don’t allow apps that facilitate or promote illegal activities.

  • Products that do not comply with the laws of the service destination country shall not be accepted.

  • For giveaways, contests, and promotional events, it's essential to clearly state the official rules within the app. ONE Store does not endorse or have any involvement with such activities, and this fact should be explicitly stated in the app, clarifying that ONE Store does not sponsor or have any association with these activities in any manner.

  • We do not allow any app (sports betting, casino games, horse racing, poker) or lottery apps that use real money to conduct gambling. We don't allow apps that help you gamble illegally, including card counters.

  • Products that can be used or related to digital sex crimes, such as Illegal Videos and Photos, are not allowed.

    • Photographs or vidieos or copies taken against the will of the subject;

    • (Deepfake) Compiled content, composited content, fictitious content, or copies

    • Videos or copies that express sexual acts by appearing people or expressions that can be recognized as children or juveniles

  • We don't allow content that promotes prostitution or other services that could be interpreted as offering sexual acts in exchange for compensation, such as conditional encounters.

  • Products containing content that expresses child abuse are not permitted. If you find content that may abuse children on ONE Store products, you can report it through the developer center (

  • Products that depict or promote the consumption or sale of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol by minors are not permitted.

  • If the product contains content that violates this guideline, but the content is considered appropriate for users in a particular area, users in that area may use the product. However, users in other regions shall not use the product.

Financial Products and Virtual Assets, etc.

  • Products providing or promoting financial products, virtual assets, and related services must adhere to the laws and regulations of all targeted regions and countries.

  • Products that are assessed to involve risks such as illegal money laundering using financial products, acquisition of funds for terrorist activities through virtual assets, and similar activities are not allowed.

  • Products promoting or inducing illegal loans through payment methods or other means are not allowed.

  • The act of promoting, mediating, or advertising the purchase of goods such as gift cards through micro payments or other telecom billing services, followed by the discounting of purchased goods, is not allowed.

Juvenile protection

Suitability of Age Rating

  • The Age rating of individual products shall be maintained in accordance with ONE Store's standard for age rating classification and shall not contain elements that are inappropriate for that age.

  • App (FUN, Life/Location, Language/Education) and game product standard for rating classification may be serviced according to the ONE Store app standard for age rating classification.

    • ONE Store app standard for age rating classification

1) All Ages

2) 12 years old available

3) 15 years old available

4) Not suitable for those under 19

  • Some service countries use age rating classification criteria provided by regulatory authorities, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations is necessary.

    • South Korea

  • Other media, such as publications and videos, shall comply with the laws and regulations of the service country. For services that require qualification from external review organizations, proof of qualification must be submitted during the app verification assessment.

  • If there is a mixture of content that can be used for all users and content that is not available for youth in the app, a mark must be placed to clearly distinguishes the two.

Measures to Protect Juvenile and Prevent Illegal Activities of 'Dating Apps'

  • In order to prevent illegal activities such as illegal intermediation or prostitution of juveniles, the "Dating App" product should be serviced as a grade that is not permitted to juveniles.

  • You shall comply with the laws and regulations of the country of service, if any.

    • Definition of Dating App that is not permitted for juveniles: A product in which an online conversation is conducted through text, voice, or video with an unknown number of people who are not acquaintances or people designated by user to whom the conversation is being made.

Disclosure of the odds of receiving Randomized Virtual Items

  • Apps offering mechanisms (including, but not limited to, “loot boxes”) designed to allow users to receive Randomized Virtual Items through purchase must clearly disclose the odds of receiving those items in advance of, and in close and timely proximity to, that purchase.

Personal Information Protection and Security

Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • 'Personal Information' refers to individual identification information, financial and payment information, authentication information, and any other information that, even if not sufficient on its own to identify a specific individual, can easily be combined with other information to identify an individual.

  • For products that collect personal information, you must adhere to the following:

    • Minimize access permissions to the extent required for the service.

    • Inform users of legal notices (items of collected personal information, processing purposes, retention periods, the right to refuse consent) and implement an explicit consent procedure.

    • When notifying users, specify the purpose and retention period of collecting personal information in detail. Process only the minimum necessary personal information within the scope required for the service purpose, and do not use it for purposes other than the intended one.

    • Additionally, disclose a privacy policy to make information about the processing of personal information easily understandable for users. Ensure that users' rights stipulated in relevant laws, such as the right to access and request information, are upheld. Furthermore, for matters beyond these, comply with personal data protection laws specific to each country, such as GDPR.

  • For services that store and use location information, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the service country, we may request verification of registration or reporting details. If verification is not provided or if false information is provided, the sale of the product may be suspended.

Prevention of Malicious Behavior

  • We prohibit all malicious code or actions that may put users' data or devices at risk (e.g. viruses, spyware, trojan horses, adware, rooting, etc.).

  • We prohibit codes or acts that harm users and others by using users' devices, programs, and networks (e.g. spam, DDoS, cryptojacking, etc.).

  • We prohibit codes or actions that cause inconvenience to users or deceive users (e.g. phishing, fraudulent ads, etc.).

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The app should only contain content that the developer has created themselves or content for which the developer has obtained lawful usage rights from third parties.

  • Products that infringe upon others' intellectual property rights such as patents or trademarks are not allowed.

  • Products that violate intellectual property rights can be reported through the ONE Store Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center.

Product Registration Information

Inappropriate Metadata

  • Products with unclear purpose of use shall not be permitted.

  • Products registered for testing purposes shall not be accepted.

  • Inappropriate metadata, such as unrelated, misleading, or uninformative to the product, shall not be allowed.

  • All metadata, such as product titles, descriptions, images, and videos, shall be provided on a standard suitable for all age groups.

    • Metadata acceptance standard

      • Sexuality

        • Explicit or mild graphic elements reminiscent of sexually suggestive nudity and sexuality shall not be harmful to juveniles.

        • Expressions that deviate from social ethics are not permitted. (Sexual violence, prostitution, incest, group sex, etc.)

      • Violence

        • Violent and disgusting language shall be absent or mild.

        • Direct depictions of blood and mutilation are not permitted.

      • Language

        • Sexually suggestive language, vulgarity, and profanity that may interfere with healthy language habits of young people are not allowed.

      • Miscellaneous

        • There should be no factors that adversely affect the youth because there is no or slight promotion or expression of speculative behavior.

        • Depictions of crime or drugs are not permitted

Registration of Physical Files (APK)

  • APK shall be signed with a private key

  • When updating a registered APK (requesting verification), the VersionCode (manifest file) must be updated to a higher value.

    • VersionCode is checked by each binary

    • If the previous verification result is approved (passed), the VersionCode value should be higher than the previous value.

App Features


  • The operation of the main functions in the app shall be executed normally.

  • It shall not cause inconvenience to users who use the app.

  • Links and images/text that lead to movement or redirection to other app markets without justifiable reasons are not permitted.

Inappropriate advertising

  • Ads that leave the app area or cause inconvenience to the user are not permitted.

  • Advertisements with content harmful to juvenile, such as adult content and gambling, are not permitted.


Payment Means

  • Payment measns for the provision of digital contents shall use the in-app payment or external payment API provided by ONE Store, except in exceptional cases such as payment for physical goods.

ONE Store in-App Payment

  • ONE Store in-App Payment API Application

    • The latest version of the API must be applied.

    • The registered in-app payment product information and the menu information implemented in the application must match.

    • The registered charge amount and the information in the actual billing log must match.

    • If you have completed the payment for the in-app product, but the product is not paid, you shall add a verification process or provide a function to repay.

    • When registering in-app product types (managed, subscriptions, etc.), it cannot be provided if it is implemented inappropriately for the intended use and there is an intention to charge customers excessively

ONE Store External Payment

  • External Payment API Application

    • When completing external payment, the purchase ID should be provided to the user. (In the payment completion screen and in the email notification).

    • Based on the purchase ID, external payment/cancellation transaction details should be delivered normally to the ONE Store.

    • Products intended to charge customers excessively are not allowed.

  • External Payment Outlink

    • External payment outlink is allowed only when the ONE Store external payment API is applied.

    • Outlink Definition: If you go to the external payment page in the app, it is an outlink. However, this does not apply when charging on the web and only available in the app.


Android Auto App Quality Compliance

  • Apps that support Android Auto should minimize distractions for the driver. You should follow best practices, such as using voice commands and a very simple visual design.

Policies that shall be Complied with by Each Country According to the Laws and Regulations of the Service Country

  • South Korea

    • Products that promote illegal gambling games or provide related information are not allowed.

    • Providing prizes based on the results of a game is not allowed. However, giving prizes for general promotions or marketing activities unrelated to game usage is allowed with restrictions as per relevant laws.

    • The age rating criteria for games are determined based on the Game Rating and Administration Committee's (GRAC) classification standards. You can refer to the 'Game Content Rating Questionnaire Guide' below for detailed information on this process:

    • Display of age rating and content information for games that are not suitable for youth:

      Games that are not suitable for youth must receive their age rating and rating number from the Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC). Furthermore, these games are required to display the age information icon and content information icon on the game's initial screen for a duration of at least 3 seconds.

    • Compliance with Probabilistic Items Act

      • Games with Probabilistic Items must disclose the types of items (capsule items, enhancement items, and merge items) and provide information on obligatory labeling set forth by law, including the odds of receiving each type of Probabilistic Item, in advance so that game users can easily recognize them.

    • Measures for Adolescent Protection and Prevention of Illegal Activities in Random Chat Products

      • Random chat products must be serviced at a level not available for youth to prevent illegal activities such as encouraging or mediating youth's unwholesome relationships or prostitution.

        • Random chat definition: A product in which online conversation is conducted with an unknown and unspecified number of people who are not acquaintances or people designated by me through text, voice, and video.

      • Random chat products that do not meet the standards set by the Minister of Gender Equality and Family are classified as harmful media for youth. These products must display a youth-restricted label along with a separate adult verification process to prevent minors from using them.

        • Standards set by the Minister of Gender Equality and Family

          • User Management: You must manage users' information based on verified details through real-name authentication or mobile phone verification (user registration, managing registration information).

          • Conversation Storage: Even after a conversation partner leaves a chat room, the conversation content should be retained, and features like screen capturing or exporting conversations (in file format) should be available.

          • Reporting Function: If any illegal activities occur during chats, there should be a functionality to immediately report them to the developer (vendor), government agencies, or relevant entities.

      • A warning message should be implemented within the chat room that indicates engaging in illegal activities such as pornography or prostitution may lead to legal consequences under the Juvenile Protection Act.

      • Requesting personal information such as bank account numbers, resident registration numbers, credit card numbers, etc., within the chat room should be discouraged due to the potential for criminal exploitation such as phishing. A feature should be in place to guide users not to share personal information within the chat.

      • For products that include chat features other than chat and dating services, precautionary statements should be implemented within the chat room to prevent user harm.

    • Attachment of Location-based Service Provider Registration Certificate

      • If your app involves location-based services that handle personal location information, it is required to attach the "Location-based Service Provider Registration Certificate" in accordance with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Location Information and Utilization of Such Information".

    • Compliance with App Permissions Regulations

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