Customer Mgmt.

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Customers can say what he or she thinks to the developer of the application. We call this "Voice of Customer(VOC)", and developers can manage them through ONE store developer center.

TypeWhere to manageWhat you can do

Inquiries from customers

1:1 communication with customer

Ratings and Comments

Official reply to the comments

Customer Inquiries


Customers may send messages to the developers including maintenance request, error report, sometimes request for refund. You can read them in your email and reply to the customer and the reply will be sent to the customer by email notification.

  • Request for refund

    • When one of your customer want to get a refund, their mediums in which you receive those requests are very different.

    • Some request through email, ONE store App and a number of different ways. Then, how do you all get customer inquiries? In what mediums?

      • via ONE store client

        • When one of your customer request for refund through ONE store client, developers can gather all requests and check them from [Apps > Customer Services]. You can respond to the requests by using the answer function and check their purchase history of you apps. After you agree to make a refund, you have to forward those requests to us by "Submit Refund Request to ONE store", and we will get acknowledged and proceed that refund. (See more details )

      • via Emails, Calls

        • When you receive requests through email or phone call, you can forward those requests to us through DEVELOPER CENTER > HELP. Then, we proceed the request after you confirm to make refunds.

        • Please be noted that if developer doesn't make a reply to the customer more than 3 days, ONE store developer center team can make a refund on behalf of developer. Making quick replies will definitely help developers, since user management is playing a significant role regarding the lifecycle of paid applications

Ratings and Comments

  • Customers who purchased an application(free and paid) can rate it on a scale of one to five, or write down a comment on what they felt. The 'official' replies to the comments can be made by its developer only (please see the attached image), and can help other customers suffering from the same problem.

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