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How can I sell paid apps?
You are required to register your information for payment to sell paid apps (including in-apps) and to receive payment for the sales of the apps.
You can register your information for payment at Your Information. For more details, please refer to GUIDE Documentation > How to use > Member
How do I change the Customer Support Contact Information of published apps?
The Customer Support Contact Information can be entered for each app registered.
  • For individual developers
    • Company name and e-mail can be changed from Apps > Applications > App Info > Customer Support Contact Information.
  • For individual/corporate business operators
    • The company name displayed in "My Account > Membership Information > Business Registration Information" cannot be changed.
    • The representative name displayed in "My Account > Membership Information > Settlement Information" cannot be changed.
      • If the settlement information is not entered, the name from "My Account > Membership Information > Information on person in charge" may be displayed.
    • E-mail and phone number can be changed from Apps > Applications > App Info > Customer Support Contact Information.


How can I change supported devices?
You can change supported devices at supported devices>list of supported devices from binary information.
Note: supported devices that you changed are going to apply after review.
If you want to change devices supported by the published app, please refer to Modify your Provisionings
What is your price policy?
Our maximum price limits are as below.
  • There is a price limit per app. You can set the price per app (paid app) up to KRW100,000. (e-book, Videos and Music contents are not included )
  • You can set the price per in-app up to KRW 450,000
  • For more details, please refer to Apps:price


Where can I download API or SDK for ONE store?
You can download SDK or check the list of API at Document > Tools


I just need to revise product description of my app. Should I apply review for this case too?
Some product information requires review upon modification request, and after the review is completed, it will be updated. For detailed information about the review criteria, please refer to 'here'.
What are major problems that affect to app review result?
  • Errors with running the app
    • If operational errors are causing disruptions with running the app, leading to forced shutdowns or connectivity issues.
  • Links to other application markets
    • ONE store does not allow irregular promotion techniques that harmful to users or ONE store developers eco system, such as product installation, download or update via outside ONE store
  • In-App Purchase related
    • If the app price is not displayed in Korean Won (KRW)
    • If there is a discrepancy between the in-app price listed in the app compared to the price displayed on the payment page
    • When trying to withdraw from a subscription, but you are notified that the app subscription cannot be withdrawn
  • 3rd party payment related
    • ONE store '3rd party payment API' is not deployed to your product or payment record is not transferred to ONE store server
    • Developer has checked his product as 'Not a 3rd party payment' but actual product has applied 3rd party payment
  • Non-compliance with the policy on the collection and use of personal information
    • If the terms and conditions for the collection and use of personal information and consent procedures are not implemented in apps collecting personal information
  • Non-compliance with the notification standards of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for random chat apps
    • If the standards announced by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for random chat apps (membership management/conversation storage/report function) are not implemented


How can I update my payments bank account?
Unfortunately, there’s no direct way for self-update of your bank account. However, you can just contact us via email ([email protected]) with the new bank account information for the next payments. It is very quick and convenient way to contact us for any requests.
How can I change my company information?
Unfortunately, there’s no way of updating the company information by yourself. However, our staff can update it instead of you when you send us the request email to [email protected] with the new company information. When you contact us, please attach any official documents for the new company information.

User management

Can I directly receive and handle all of requests made by customers?
  • If there are any problems or inquiries related to the app are submitted to 'Inquire Developers', Developer Center, or ONE store. Inquires sent to Developer Center or ONE store are delivered to you.
  • Of cause, you are responsible for the follow-up of the apps that you sell on ONE store. According to the law (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.), customers can view the information on the identity of the business operator.
  • When customer service is requested due to errors, you are obliged to inform how you handle the customer service. If you cannot take action to solve the problem, please contact Developer Center and request a refund.
How can I handle customer inquiries?
  • You have to respond to the customer inquiries within three working days
  • If the inquiries are left unanswered for more than three days without any legitimate reason, and are submitted to us again, then we will reply to the customer at our discretion. Please be sure that you have to handle the inquiry within three working days.
  • See : Article 9 of ONE store Software Terms of Sale

Terms and Policy

How do I file a report for the infringement of rights?
  • If any of the apps sold on ONE store are suspected of infringing intellectual property rights, please submit a report for the infringement of rights, and ONE store Developer Center will help you mediate the intellectual property rights dispute.
  • Please refer to the method below for completing a report for the infringement of rights below and register materials proving that you have legitimate rights.
    • Infringement reports are received by the Intellectual Property Protection Center
What should I do if sales are prohibited due to a report of intellectual property rights?
The seller must complete the application for restoration (application for explanation) and prove that they have the intellectual property rights of the app within 1 month from the date of the prohibition to restore the app. If the seller does not have legitimate rights, it will not be restored.
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