Utilize ‘Pre-registration’ as a marketing strategy before the official launch of an app. Pre-registrations allow users to learn about the app beforehand and easily access it upon release through notifications and automatic installation.

To make the most of pre-registrations, promote them across various marketing channels and consider offering exclusive rewards. This strategy can significantly boost app awareness and anticipation.

Being featured in ONE store's ‘Pre-registration PLUS’ can further enhance your visibility to a broader audience and provide additional rewards, potentially maximizing early performance.

Preparing for pre-registration

Please check the following considerations before pre-registration:

  • The package name of the app to be released is required.

    • “Register App” must be completed to enter pre-registration information. Entering the package name is mandatory during registration and cannot be changed afterward.

The official App planned to be released must be identical with the pre-registered App (Package Name/AID). If a new App is developed and released, integration with pre-registration information will be unavailable.

  • Beta apps are ineligible for pre-registration.

    • Pre-registration is not supported, if 'Service classification' is set to beta during app registration.

  • Pre-registrations are limited to a maximum of 180 days.

  • Each app can have only one pre-registration phase. Decide the countries and duration for your pre-registration before applying.

Entering Pre-registration Information

Pre-registration information can be entered at the ‘Apps > Applications > Pre-registration’ menu. If this menu is not visible, the app may have already launched or been registered as a beta app.

App Information

The app page plays a crucial role in influencing users' decisions to install the app. Highlight key features and provide enticing information to build anticipation.

To offer a quality experience and enhance credibility, ensure language support is tailored to the service countries.

Language Settings and Setting a Default Language

  • Add or remove supported languages using the ‘Language Settings’ feature.

    • If a language cannot be deleted, check if it is set as the ‘Default Language’.

  • It's recommended to add languages of the country the app is being served. If not, users may not understand information about the app and often lack trust in the service.

  • If a user's requested language is not entered, the language set as the ‘Default Language’ will be provided instead. When serving multiple countries, it is advised to set English as the default language.

  • When you select a language to enter, the input form at the bottom will change. Please be aware that any unsaved information may be reset, so make sure to ‘Save’ your progress.

App Title

  • This is a crucial element that helps users search and find your app.

  • Avoid using generic words for app titles.

  • The app title should be under 50 characters and some special characters are restricted.

Summary, Publisher’s Description

  • The information will be displayed in the ‘App Details’ and should be entered clearly to help users understand the app's features and content.

  • The ‘Summary’ is displayed first to users, who can then click to view the ‘Publisher's Description’.

  • 'Summary' should summarize the core features or advantages of using the app.

  • 'Publisher’s Description' should include key features and content that users would find interesting, avoiding repetition of the summary.

  • The 'Summary' should be under 100 characters and 'Publisher’s Description' under 3,000 characters, and some special characters restricted.

  • All content should be appropriate for all ages.

Icon, Promo Video, Screenshots

  • Upload images that meet the criteria for each item.

    • Icon: 512 x 512 px, JPG/PNG

    • Promo Video > Thumbnail image: 1024 x 578 px, JPG/PNG

    • Promo Video > YouTube video URL: YouTube video URL under 200 characters

    • Screenshots: Under 1300 x 1300 px, JPG/PNG, less than 1 MB

  • Use in-app screens that highlight the main features of the app for screenshots, and minimal use of text is recommended.

  • For images with text, register separate images for each language.

  • All content should be appropriate for all ages.

Pre-registration Reward, Pre-registration Notes

  • Information on pre-registration rewards offered to users who apply for pre-registration can be entered in under 50 characters.

  • Pre-registration benefits are rewards provided by the game company to all pre-registrants or first-time users of the game.

  • Pre-registration benefits can be 'not provided', but for initial success upon launch, it is recommended to provide differentiated benefits through methods such as in-game mail, representative coupon codes, or initial benefits upon launch day.

  • The scale and composition of in-game rewards to be provided as a pre-registration benefit can be freely set according to the game company's internal policies.

  • Enter any necessary user guidance or notes related to pre-registration and rewards in under 1,000 characters.

  • It is recommended to include details such as the recipients of pre-registration benefits, the timing of distribution, the method of collection, validity period, etc.

Customer Support Contact Information

  • Enter developer information to be displayed in the customer support contact information. What needs to be entered varies on the type of developer.

    • Individual Business: Representative, Email

    • Corporation Business: Email, Representative Phone Number

  • For corporation businesses, the company name, representative’s name, and business address that are in the ‘Account Settings > Membership Information’ menu are additionally provided to users.

    • If servicing in a country other than South Korea, ensure that the English company name, representative's name, and business address are entered in advance.

Country Settings

You can set the countries where pre-registration will be available, and only the users registered in these countries will be able to access the pre-registered apps.

As pre-registration periods can be set individually for each country, please consider your promotional plans and time differences between countries.

Pre-Reg. Country

  • Select 'Country Settings' and choose the countries you wish to serve.

  • For global services, agreement to the 'ONE store Global Platform Sales Special Agreement' is necessary.

    • If the pop-up does not appear, you may have already agreed to it.

  • If some countries are not selectable, it could be due to the following reasons:

    • If you have not agreed to the 'ONE store Global Platform Sales Special Agreement', only 'South Korea' can be selected.

    • If 'Main Information > Crypto Application Setting' is set to 'Yes', only countries that comply with the legal standards of that country can be selected.

Pre-Registration Settings by Country

  • Planned release date

    • Enter the official release date of the app in your country. If not decided yet, select an approximate date or 'Undefined'.

  • Start and End Dates

    • Enter the period for pre-registration in your country. The maximum duration for pre-registration is up to 180 days.

    • Pre-registration ends immediately if the official app is released before the end of the pre-registration period.

  • Auto-install After Release

    • Choose whether the app will be auto-installed to users who have pre-registered when the official app is released.

    • Users have the option to choose auto-install, and for some unsupported devices this may be replaced with a push message.

    • This option cannot be changed after pre-registration approval, so please choose carefully.

Main Information

Enter additional details of the app that is planned to be officially launched, such as app type.

Depending on the selection and information entered in some fields, the countries where the service is available may vary.

App Type

  • Set a suitable type for the app so that users can easily identify its type and it can be serviced in the appropriate category in the store.

    • Selecting an inappropriate type for the app may result in rejection during the verification process.

  • App type is divided into two steps, and changing the contents in the first step may reset the information entered in the 'Age Ratings'.

  • Once pre-registration is approved, contents in the first stage cannot be changed.

Crypto Application Setting

  • If the app incorporates blockchain network-based functions, information must be provided to users.

  • Choose a supported network and select whether to get NFT and TOKEN support.

  • Only game app types are supported with Crypto application.

  • Crypto application may restrict service in some countries due to compliance with legislation.

  • Once the pre-registration is approved, modifications cannot be made.

Age Ratings

  • Set the age ratings of the app to comply with the legislation of each service country.

  • The age ratings can affect the age of users who can pre-register.

    • If the official app's age ratings differ from the one set for pre-registration, some users may not receive notifications, automatic installations, or rewards upon release.

  • Age ratings classification criteria may vary depending on whether the app type is a 'Game' or not. For more details, please check 'Here'.

  • Once the pre-registration is approved, modifications cannot be made.

Pre-registration Manager

  • Issues related to pre-registration events and proposals for enhancing performance will be sent to this email.

  • Enter the email address of the person in charge of ONE store business or pre-registration promotion. This information will not be disclosed to users.

Pre-registration Application and Progress Status

After entering app information, country settings, and main information, you can apply for pre-registration. The app will be serviced in each country as per the approved pre-registration period.

Please check the information and notes according to the pre-registration progress before proceeding.

Pre-registration Progress Status

Registration for Pre-registration Ongoing

  • This is the state before applying for pre-registration.

  • You can "Apply for Pre-registration" after entering the necessary information after referring to the 'Entering Pre-registration Information.'

  • If the official app has already been released, pre-registration cannot be applied for.

Awaiting Pre-registration Approval

  • This is the state after applying for pre-registration, waiting for the approval results.

  • Pre-registration information cannot be modified. If modifications are needed, 'Cancel Application for Pre-registration' to revert to the 'Registration for Pre-registration Ongoing' status.

    • If notification of approval results is imminent, canceling the application may not be possible. In this case, please wait for the approval results.

Pre-registration Rejected

  • This is the state where the review results for your pre-registration application have been rejected.

  • You can check the reason for rejection by reviewing the ‘Review Results’ and after resolving the issues, select "Apply for Pre-registration" to reapply.

Pre-registration Approved

  • This is the state where the review results for your pre-registration application have been approved.

  • Pre-registration will proceed automatically based on the pre-registration settings of each country you have entered. If pre-registration has already begun, it may transition directly to 'Pre-registration Ongoing.'

  • The URL of the pre-registration app page will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can prepare in advance to drive user traffic through promotional channels.

    • The pre-registration app page can be accessed only after pre-registration has started.

  • All app information, including language, can be updated to ensure its up-to-date. However, pre-registration may be banned if there are any inappropriate information.

Pre-registration Ongoing

  • Users can ‘pre-register’ through the pre-registration app page.

  • If you provide services in multiple countries, users can ‘pre-register’ based on the pre-registration period for each country.

  • Even if pre-registration has been 'suspended' for specific countries, it will still be indicated as 'Pre-registration Ongoing' if it does not meet the pre-registration closed conditions.

Pre-registration Closed

  • Pre-registration app pages are available, but pre-registration is closed, and users cannot ‘Pre-register’.

  • Pre-registration is marked as closed when the pre-registration period for all countries has ended or when the official app is released.

Pre-registration Banned

  • Pre-registration may be banned due to inaccurate information, user deception, and similar reasons.

  • If you have any questions, please contact ''

Start and Progress of Pre-registration

When approval is complete, pre-registration begins at the scheduled time of each country, and users can apply if the pre-registration is ongoing.

Even after pre-registration has started, app information can be updated. However, pre-registration may be banned if there are any inappropriate information.

Product Info

All product information, including language, can be updated to keep it up-to-date. However, inappropriate information may lead to the prohibition of pre-registration.

Country Settings

  • Once pre-registration has started, the country already under the pre-registration cannot be added.

  • The progress of pre-registration for each country can be checked in the 'Progress by Country' section.

  • If there is a need to change the status of pre-registration, you can use the 'Settings' button to 'Suspend' or 'Cancel' the 'Progress by Country.'

    • Changing the 'Progress by Country' to 'Suspend' will maintain the pre-registration app page, but users will not be able to apply for pre-registration.

    • Even in a 'Suspend' status, you can release the suspension, and it will transition to the 'Closed' status when the end date has passed.

    • Pre-registration can be carried out for a maximum of 180 days, including periods in 'Suspended' and 'Banned' status.

    • The pre-registration page will no longer be available if the 'Progress by Country' is changed to 'Cancel', and it cannot be restored.

  • The pre-registration period can be modified using the 'Settings' button, but if pre-registration has already started, only the end date can be modified.

Main Information

  • The following information cannot be modified after pre-registration approval:

    • 1st step category of app type

    • Crypto application setting

    • Age ratings


  • Once pre-registration begins, you can check the statistics collected up to the previous day (UTC+0:00 standard time).

  • Pre-registration Applicants: The number of users who applied for pre-registration. If the country is selected for 'Pre-registration PLUS,' it includes the number of users who applied for 'Pre-registration for All Games.'

    • Withdrawal from ONE store, changes in login ID, logout, and phone number changes may result in discrepancies in the number of applicants.

    • The number of senders for release notifications may vary depending on the country and age rating of the released product.

  • Auto-install Applicants: The number of users among pre-registration applicants who allowed 'Auto-install'. If 'Auto-install After Release' is set to 'Not Provided,' this information will not be provided.

    • Withdrawal from ONE store, changes in login ID, logout, and phone number changes may result in discrepancies in the number of applicants.

    • The number of Auto-install Applicants and Auto-install upon release may vary depending on the country and age rating of the released product.

  • Selecting the ‘Details’ button allows you to view detailed statistics for each country.

  • Statistics for 'Send Release Notification' and 'Send Auto-install Push' will be provided after the official app release.

Pre-registration Closed

When pre-registration for each country ends, the pre-registration app page will be maintained, but users will no longer be able to apply for pre-registration.

When the official app is released, it is necessary to set the settings so that users can be notified of the release. The pre-registration app page will be automatically converted to the official app page.

The official App planned to be released must be identical with the pre-registered App (Package Name/AID). If a new App is developed and released, integration with pre-registration information will be unavailable.


  • When the official product is released and after you 'Set Up Release Notification', you can additionally access the following informations(based on UTC+0:00):

    • Send Release Notification: Date and time the release notification was sent.

    • Send Auto-install Push: Date and time the Auto-install Push was sent.

      • If 'Auto-install after Release' is set to 'Not Provided', this information will not be provided.

Set Up Release Notification

  • The ‘Set Up Release Notification’ menu is only activated when an official product is launched.

  • You can set the 'Send Release Push Notification Date/Time' for each country using the ‘Settings’ button.

    • If an official product is launched in even one country, the setting function will be activated for 48 hours.

    • You can only schedule a release notification within three days after the launch of an official product. Immediate dispatch is not available, so it is recommended to set this in advance.

If you do not set the release notification within 48 hours after the release of the official app, neither 'Release Notification' nor 'Auto-install' will be supported. Even if selected for Pre-registration PLUS, the 'Pre-registration PLUS Rewards' will not be granted.

Pre-registration PLUS

All pre-registrations you apply for can be selected for Pre-registration PLUS after being reviewed by ONE store.

Pre-registration PLUS increases the likelihood of selection by providing product information and rewards that enhance anticipation for the release, as well as supporting various languages.

Pre-registration PLUS Rewards

  • Your product will be displayed through the Pre-registration PLUS list, introducing it to more users.

  • By offering Pre-registration PLUS rewards, you can increase user anticipation (if release notifications are set up).

  • By providing release notifications and auto-install options to users who have applied for 'Pre-registration for All Games', you can enhance the early stage performance (if release notifications are set up).

Official App Release Notes

Make sure to check the notes below for a better environment when auto-installing released Apps.

Set targetSdkVersion to 23 or higher

If targetSdkVersion is 22 or lower, some users won't be able to install or will need App permissions, etc.

  • For Android 14, App installation is only available in targetSdkVersion 23 or higher.

User agreement is needed when auto-installing in Android 5.0

When auto-installing in Android 5.0, App permissions are required and without permission, installation will be unavailable.

Take this into consideration when setting minSdkVersion of released Apps.

Get prepared so that installation doesn't get blocked by Google's Play Protect

Warnings stating 'Blocked by Play Protect' might appear if Apps are auto-installed in cases listed below.

Make sure to 'File an appeal' at 'Play Console Help > App verification' before release notification is sent to users.

  • If the package name of the App is not registered in Google Play

  • If the registered App and package name is identical but App signing is different

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