Global Settlement


If you have sold paid products on the ONE store Global platform, you can check your sales/settlement/payment history in the "ONE store Global" menu. Global settlement provides a separate menu and invoice document.


Exchange rate

The exchange rate of the 1st day of the following month after the sales month will be applied.

(Based on the rate of the Seoul Money Brokerage. If the 1st day is a holiday, the exchange rate of the previous business day will be applied.)

Currency Unit

Sales Report - Sales records are displayed in the local currency of the countries/regions where the sale was made. Current settlement status/Payments history - For Korean developers: Displayed and paid in KRW. - For developers outside of Korea: Displayed and paid in USD.

VAT agency payment

Agent model - The developer has the obligation to pay value-added tax, but in accordance with countries/regions-specific tax laws, if the developer is not a resident of the countries/regions of sale, ONE store will pay the value-added tax instead. - ONE store determines residency based on the countries/regions-specific tax ID that the developer has directly entered in the developer center’s member information section. For more information, see the “Country/Region-specific Tax Information” menu. - Any issues arising by incorrect tax payment numbers or other errors are the responsibility of the developer.


A dedicated document will be issued for ONE Store Global sales. - For Korean developers: Tax invoices - For developers outside of Korea: Invoices

Payment Policy

For Korean developers - Global platform earnings from the previous month are sent separately at the end of each subsequent month.

For developers outside of Korea - Global platform earnings from the previous month are sent separately on the 10th day of each subsequent month following the payment request. *For developers outside of Korea, ONE store covers the transfer fees, but recipient fees and intermediary bank fees may be incurred depending on the country and bank, which are the responsibility of the developer. *The payment request is required separately for both the domestic and global platforms, and it is available through the [Payment Request] button in the settlement status menu between the 15th and 25th of each month, which is displayed if the accumulated earnings exceed $100.

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