Country/Region-specific Tax Information

The menu below explains tax information for each country/region. The name of value-added tax can be different for each country/region.



- The sales VAT rate is 9%. - A developer who has the country/region’s tax ID can register the country/region’s tax ID at ‘Member Information > Tax Information’ and pay the GST. In this case, the payment amount (net) is calculated by adding the GST amount to the settlement amount. All problems arising from missed payments or incorrect tax ID input is the responsibility of the developer. - Discounted payment methods are subject to VAT.



- The sales VAT rate is 5%. - The responsibility for paying the VAT incurred in Taiwan lies with the ONE store, whether there is a tax ID or not. - Discounted payment amount does not include VAT. However, the payment amount for discount methods is calculated based on the supply price, and VAT may be incurred at the time of payment.

Other taxes

Withholding tax

- Depending on whether you have a Taiwanese tax ID and the PG payment method, 3~6% of the settlement amount can be taxed as withholding tax.

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