Register App

Go to the ‘ONE store Developer Center > APPS’ page and click on the ‘Register App’ button to register app.

Once the app is registered, an application identifier (AID) will get issued.

Register settlement information

First, you must register your settlement information to register and sell paid products (in-apps).

The information to be entered and the documents to be submitted may vary depending on your member type. For details related to the developer member, refer to ‘Member part' in the developer guides document.

  • Settlement information: click on ‘Developer Center > Manage Your Information > Information for Payment’. tab

Register In-App

You can register the in-app product at the ‘Developer Center > APPS > In-App Information’ page.

You can register in-apps one by one by clicking on the ‘Register In-App’ button, or batch register them by uploading a file.

Register in-apps individually

  • Register the in-app by clicking on the ‘Register In-App’ button on the ‘In-App Information’ screen.

  • In-App ID: Enter in-app ID of the in-app and check if there is any duplicate ID. The in-app ID must be a unique value within the app.

  • In-App Title: Enter title of the in-app. The title will be exposed in the billing screen and purchase history.

  • In-App Type: Select type of the in-app (Managed product/ Monthly auto-renewal product).

  • In-App Path: It is a path to check the in-app product within the app and is not a required value. This information will be used for review by ONE store review team.

  • In-App Price: Input selling price of the in-app. Enter the price including value added tax (VAT).

Batch Registration of In-App Products

  • step 1> Click on the ‘Download batch registration form’ button to download the form file.

  • step 2> Enter information of the in-app product in the downloaded form.

  • step 3> Click on the ‘Batch registration of In-App products’ button to upload the file in which the in-app product information has been registered.

  • step 4> Check if all the in-app products are normally registered.

    Up to 500 in-app products can be registered in the downloaded in-app batch registration form. If you need to register more than 500 in-apps, registers the in-apps by dividing 500 at a time.

Check License Key (public key) & OAuth Credential

You can check OAuth credential for license key (public key) and server API by clicking on the ‘ONE store Developer Center > Apps > In-App Information > ‘Manage In-App API’ button.

  • License key: It is used for confirming whether the IAP history sent by ONE store is forged or falsified.

Download Sample App

You can download the IAP sample app at Github.

Add IAP Library

ONE store IAP library V6(SDK V19) and above does not support AIDL.

Refer to the followings on how to add ONE store IAP SDK.

Install ONE store app

ONE store Service (OSS) app is necessary for the developer or the user to use ONE store IAP.

OSS has been installed by default on Android smartphones released by local mobile carriers (SKT, KT, U+), but it has been installed by default neither on terminals (Pixel, etc.) nor on tablets released overseas.

Depending on the conditions of the terminals developing ONE store IAP modules, you need to download OSS and keep it up to date by using the guides below.

  • Smartphones released by local mobile carriers ONE store apps have been installed by default on Android smartphones launched by mobile carriers. The developer can update ONE store apps to the latest version by using ONE store client (OSC) app, a built-in app. Execute ONE store (or T Store or Olleh Market or U+Store) installed on the smartphone to update OSC and OSS (older devices may not be supported with automatic updates).

  • Smartphones/tablets released overseas & terminals distributed by manufacturers

    Since ONE store apps are not installed by default on the smartphones or tablets released oversea and on the terminals distributed by manufacturers, you must download and install OSC and OSS. Click on the link below and install ONE store apps necessary for IAP development (only available on mobile)

    Go to download OSC & OSS

    ONE store IAP API V6 (SDK V19) works on Android devices with Android OS 4.1 and above. Check the OS version of the terminals prior to interworking with the IAP module.

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