Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center


  • ONE store is operating Intellectual Property Protection Center in order to protect rights of intellectual property for owners

  • In Intellectual Property Protection Center, we get reports of violation of protection regarding various intellectual property rights, which may occur in ONE store

  • Reports of violation of intellectual property rights are handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulation. And by quickly responding to violation in rights of intellectual property, we will do our best to protect the rights of our customers.


Process Flow Diagram


  • Please report any harms in rights of intellectual property due to products being sold in ONE store.

  • When report of violation in rights is received, depending on the reasoning, we notifies seller with information about reporter, and the product (content) which might have caused it

  • We will ban the products after checking whether the product has violated rights.

  • If the seller has legitimate rights, the seller may ask for restoration of banned product by giving a feedback with the evidence or reason.

  • Product will not be restored, if the request of restoration of the banned product does not occur within one month from the date.

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