Preparation for Global Distribution


  • ONE store: an Android app store that provides services in 'South Korea'.

  • ONE store Global Platform: An Android app store available in countries other than 'Korea'.

ONE store Service Configuration

  • Developers can list their products in both the Korean and global markets with just one product registration in the ONE store Developer Center.

    • Developers who have their existing products on the ONE Store simply need to choose global distribution

    • The ONE store Developer Center repackages the apps registered by developers to generate a global service APK, which is then distributed to ONE store Global users.

  • The ONE store client and server are separately configured for Korea and the global market.

    • When the IAP SDK API is called within the app, it automatically integrates with the ONE store client/server based on the service country.

    • When making IAP Server API calls from the developer's server, the market classification code (x-market-code) must be provided.

ONE store Installer Infomation & Market Classification Code

Service Country InstallerInstaller Package NameMarket Classification Code


ONE store SKT



ONE store KT


ONE store LG U+







SDK Version

  • For ONE store Global Platform distribution, the ONE Store in-app payment SDK V19 (API V6) or higher must be applied.

  • Apps using SDK V17 require an SDK upgrade.

  • Apps using SDK V16 must be registered as new apps with SDK V21 or higher.

Apps with security solutions for integrity checks are required to apply an updated SDK to resolve any conflicts with the security solution.

ONE store Client Integration

  • ONE store and ONE store Global Platform have separate app groups.

  • Apps for Korea should connect to ONE store, while apps for other countries should connect to ONE store Global Platform.

  • Apps in ONE store using SDK V19 or higher can be directly distributed worldwide and will be automatically connected to ONE store Global Platform.

Market Classification Code

Server API


Market Classification

  • The Market Classification Code (x-market-code) has been added to the request header.

  • For ONE store Global Platform services, the header should include the acquired Market Classification Code when utilizing the server API.

  • If the Market Classification Code is absent, it will be treated as an app for Korea.


curl --location '{global domain}/v7/apps/com.sample/purchases/inapp/products/{productId}/{purchaseToken}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {accessToken}' \
--header 'x-market-code: {marketCode]'\
Market CodeService Country






  • For PNS, the message sending addresses for ONE store and ONE store Global Platform are different.

  • Hence, if a firewall is in place, two firewall exceptions are necessary for each sending address.

3rd Party Payment

Server API

  • The 3rd party payment API version has been updated to V6.

  • To offer ONE store Global Platform services, a domain change is necessary

  • Country information and currency codes have been added to the Request Body of the purchase history transmission API for 3rd-party payments.

  • When transmitting the 3rd-party payment transaction history, it should be sent with the amount in the currency in which the transaction was made.


  • Service fees must be wired based on the country you registered in upon signing up for the ONE store Developer Center.

    • If the member's country is Korea, the transfer should be made in Korean Won (KRW).

    • If the member's country is any other country than Korea, the transfer should be made in USD.

    • The exchange rate applied to calculate service fees is the exchange rate on the 1st day of the following sales month (based on Seoul Money Brokerage's official exchange rate. In cases where the 1st day is a public holiday, the exchange rate of the previous business day will be used).


  • Subscription-based products are not supported in ONE store Global Platform.

  • Even if subscription-based products were previously registered, they will not be distributed in the ONE store Global Platform.

  • For information on setting distribution countries, local pricing, and multilingual settings, please refer to App Registration and Mgmt.


  • If you are developing or testing an app that will only be available on the ONE store Global Platform, the following procedures are needed

    • For SDK V21

      • Change the Maven Configuration Dependency to:

dependencies {
	def onestore_iap_version = "21.00.02"
	def onestore_configuration_version = "1.0.0"
	def onestore_configuration_region = "sdk-configuration-gl"
    implementation "com.onestorecorp.sdk:sdk-iap:$onestore_iap_version"
	implementation "com.onestorecorp.sdk:$onestore_configuration_region:$onestore_configuration_version"

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