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ONE store developer center API

  • We at ONE store provide Android Software development kits (SDK) and resources (API) which Android developers can use. We continue our efforts to expand the scope of support for the developers.
    API V7 (SDK V21) *latest version
    Old version IAP Guide
    ONE store In-App API V5(SDK V17)
    ONE store In-App API V4(SDK V16)

ONE store developer guide

  • ONE store developer center provides several link formats that let you bring users to your products page on T store, olleh market and U+store together in the way you want. You can jump users to app detail page, review page and even download your free apps automatically. If you are linking from an Android app, you can also control whether the link launches the OneStore application or the browser, which takes the user to the ONE store website.
    Developer Guide

ONE store 3rd party payment guide

  • In addition to ONE store IAP, ONE store support 3rd party payment method too. The 3rd party payment is an enabler for payment service provided by the seller through 3rd party Payment Gateway (PG), such as PayPal, without ONE store’s in-app payment module (in-app SDK).

ALC (Application License Checker) SDK guide

Download Badge and Icons

App icon and BI badge guidelines

  • Production an app icon
    • Please refer to the production standards and precautions of the icon guidelines for production.
  • Use of BI badges for ONE store display
Example of icon badge
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