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This guide describes URL Scheme connection and various APIs of the ONE store App.

URL Scheme Connection of ONE store App

  • You can use URL scheme to open an app download page of ONE store in your mobile apps and browsers. Strings like http://, ftp://, market:// are called URL scheme’ The way to execute an App via the URL scheme is as follows:

    • A URL scheme is passed to Android system when a user clicks a hyperlink with it in an app or a web page

    • The system checks whether there is an app installed in the device which is directly executable through the URL scheme

    • If there is one, the system runs the app, passing over the URL scheme

    • While being executed, the app would perform certain features by referring to the contents included in the URL scheme.

If you use the URL scheme through a mobile browser, you would need to implement an exception handling feature just in case ONE store is not installed in a device

URL Scheme Configuration

  • For more on each call specification, refer to Tools Reference.

App/Game Detail Call

  • In Product View, the clients of each mobile operator move to ‘See Details’ screen for the corresponding product ID (‘See Details’ screen of a single product).


  • Search Call

    • In Search View, the ONE store App shows the search result screen for the corresponding query.


  • Request Update (Automatic Installation)

    • If the corresponding product is not the latest version, the updated version is automatically downloaded and installed at the update request of App/game products. The update works when the PKG name of the product to request update does match the PKG name of the product to be downloaded.

onestore://common/product/bg_update/{product ID}

Connection to Shorten URLs

  • You can easily generate a connection address of App detail page by using product ID.


Process Redirects of Current Specification

The current connection specification individually used in each store is automatically redirected. That means, an additional development is separately needed for the currently published products.

Server side API

  • Check PID & Version Name with packageName

    • If the product has already been launched, you can check PID and a range of information with packageName openAPI

    • For more detail, refer to Tool Reference.{package name}&deviceModelCd={model name}&osVer={OS version}&sdkVersion={SDK version}

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