What is ONE store IAP?

ONE store IAP is the service that sells the in-app implemented within the android app, issues bills to users and settles with developers by using ONE store authentication and billing systems.

Interworking with ONE store service (OSS) app is necessary for in-app billing, and OSS app performs the billing for the in-app by interworking with ONE store billing server.

To apply ONE store IAP, you just need to apply ‘ONE store IAP SDK’.

In-App Type

ONE store IAP API V6(SDK V19) provides two types of in-app such as Managed product and Monthly auto-renewal product.

First, check what characteristics each type of in-app has, and then develop the in-app list according to the in-app you offer.


Managed product

This type of in-app cannot be repurchased until it is consumed. To purchase Managed product again, you must process this in-app as ‘consumed’.

You can serve consumable/non-consumable/non-renewal in-apps by using the characteristics of Managed product.

Monthly auto-renewal product

Once you sign up to Monthly auto-renewal product, a certain amount of money will be automatically paid every month, and the automatic payment (re-payment) will be handled by ONE store.

You need to implement the function in person to cancel the automatic payment by using SDK and server API. As for the function to check the purchase history of Monthly auto-renewal product and cancel the automatic payment/ cancel the cancellation, refer to ONE store IAP Server API

Renewal cycle for Monthly auto-renewal product

The automatic payment for Monthly auto-renewal product shall be made at the same date as the purchased date. However, if the same date does not exist in the following month, the automatic payment shall be made at the last date of the following month.

  • If the first payment is made on January 31;

  • The renewal shall be made on February 28 or 29

  • The renewal shall be made on March 28 or 29

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